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Change is good, change is great

There comes a time in life where making a change is an absolutely necessary thing that must take place.  Of course when major changes are about to be made resistance may be present. This resistance is expected and complicated (Damien is co-parented and it's less than ideal) . Needless to say, I'm happy to announce that we have relocated to the coast of Maine. This is such an exciting time for this family. Our current life wasn't measuring up to par. Trying to carve out a living in an area that is extremely remote and secluded with no employment opportunities available was starting to take a toll on every member of the family. That remote location had nothing more to offer than mediocre (at best) schools and zero opportunities for a young energetic family looking for stimulation. Having been born and raised in northern New Hampshire, I know first hand that Northern New Hampshire  has nothing to offer and that trying to raise children with so much potential there was very difficult and disabling.  I look at my children and know that I want to offer them much more than what I was offered. I want to give them much more than I was given.  I want a great education for them with a lot of opportunities for them to choose from. I want them to be able to live and not just exist in no man's land. I am looking forward to everything that comes along with this change. I am ready. We are ready.

This whole process took place almost flawlessly. We were able to land a wonderful place to live that is very close to the school that Damien attends with a jogging path, basketball court, baseball diamond, and a bunch of playgrounds. Damien is adjusting to his new school very well. It almost seems too good to be true.  But this family deserves something good. We've worked hard over the past several years to get our shit in order….in order enough for something like this to take place. I've spent 27 years of my life searching for something more…..and now I think I've found that more that I've been searching for. We are looking forward to new and exciting things in our new home, in our new town, in our new life. Hello Maine!

 Not much on the walls but…..

 ….this new house is still full of love!

A new place to do puzzles  

Jogging path!

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Anderson Ryan Alexander {3 months}

Seriously, it's been three months since I gave birth to this beautiful human. It's amazing how much they change from day to day and week to week. Anderson is the most challenging baby I've had yet. He will sleep all night…like from 9pm to 9 am…but will be up ALL DAY,  requesting to nurse every 30 minutes and will protest loudly when not being held by ME.  He won't even allow me to put him down, not even for a minute. NO JOKE! This is extremely challenging because I have a toddler who is a custom to scheduled meals, and prompt attention, and a tween who also needs all of my attention and help with homework. Did I mention I'm also responsible for all of the housekeeping and household responsibilities?? So, everyone is still adjusting to being told "I will get that for you in a minute" or "I will help you with your homework in a minute" . My mother-in-law put it perfectly when she said that "Anderson is so in love with you." I guess I hadn't thought of it that way, but it's true we are in love with each other….head over heels.  He is now over 18 pounds and so heavy to carry in the baby carrier/carseat.  His eyes are still blue, yet somedays they look like they are getting a green hue just like daddy. I hope they stay blue though. I'm so proud to have a blue eyed, blond hair little man.  Sometimes I feel like people might think that I stole him because I'm dark-skinned/dark eyed lady, and these people don't always see me with my husband, who is green-eyed with blond hair. So I enjoy watching people's double take when looking at my little Anderson and myself. He is also my most bald baby yet. You may or may not be able to tell, but he lost all of of his hair on the left side of his head. I'm not sure what that's all about but both Damien and Amar'e had full heads of hair with minimal hair loss. I'm not sure what to make of this half bald hair style Anderson is sporting.

I kiss those lips 300 times a day……LOVE LOVE LOVE him!

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