Our Maine Life

Life in Maine is amazing. We are having a wonderful time exploring our new environment. Anderw and I have never lived away from the place we were born, so it is equally exciting for  us to be exploring our new place together. Where we live in Maine we are minutes from the ocean, a few more minutes from the city, museums, and options in which we were not accustomed to having back were we lived before. For example, yesterday we went to Reid State Park which is only 13 miles from our house. This type of day trip would have taken a day to plan and pack for if but now we can now make this decision on a whim and be there in less than 30 minute from departure. I love it!

Below are a ton of pictures from our visit to Fort Popham, Fort Popham Beach, Cudy's Harbor, Reid State Park, Old Port Festival, and our backyard.

The sea ants you see are property of our friend 2. Yes his name is a number and it's a long story. 

This photo is unedited. It was taken from our back yard.


Anderson Ryan-Alexander {7 months}

Those eyes

I totally missed Anderson's 6 month post because I probably didn't feel good, or there were a ton of other things going on but either way Anderson is 7 months old today! He is working on crawling by creeping out of a sitting positions on to his hands and knees. We will be baby proofing the house this week.  Also, he is cutting some teeth. This is making him a miserable, drooling mess! He still prefers to be held all day and needs to be nursing to fall asleep. He is a work in process….

Rocking a girly sun hat at the beach

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