We Would Like To Thank You And Library Time

We joined Top Baby Blogs on November 6th, and as of today we are at spot 118. We started at 378. I am so impressed by this. Thanks to all of you who are voting for us! We couldn't have done this without you. Very, very, very thankful!!!!! Keep up the voting folks! Now, without further a due, our library books this week:

I have to say that Amar'e and I are enjoying the fairy tales book very much. It is super thick and filled with the classic fairy tales. Fairy tales have been my new reading interest for us. I will be starting to research fairy tales. I am excited as to what I will find out. ♥

What have you and your little one(s) been reading?

Happy reading my friends!

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Meal Schedule Out, Grazing In.

For the past few weeks Amar'e has been abandoning her eating routine we had nicely in place for her. She use to eat three meals and one snack a day; breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. This was working out perfectly for her, and us. She never seemed to be hungry in between her meals, she was always completely satisfied. It seems that over night she turned into an uncontrollable grazer. I know that some kids are just grazers, without any regard to set meal times. Its getting so bad that we had to lock the snack draw because she was reaching into it and helping herself to a snack whenever she wanted. (not that we have many snacks that are bad. We have snacks like Veggie straws, various types of nuts, Wasa crisp) Not good, because there are chocking hazards in there.  There are no more mealtimes with her. I'll get home from work at noon and fix her a lunch, which she proceeds to take 5 bites of and feed the rest to the dogs. Then 30 minutes later, she running into the kitchen and signing and saying to me "more". These are meals that she once devoured in minutes in the past. I thought for sure it was her teething throwing off her body's rhythm, but I am unsure on how to pinpoint that for sure. We have increased her meal sizes just in case she was in need of a bigger meal due to a growth spurt and that doesn't seem to help. I don't mind the grazing as much as I mind not being able to keep track of what she is taking in for daily nutrition. We are doing our best to get her back to her eating schedule. We keep offering meals at certain times during the day, but if she asks for something in between meals, she usually gets it. Andrew and I try to follow her lead for the most part, while setting limits when needed. Some days it looks like we are succeeding, and other days we are definitely losing. Wish us luck!

It is hard to say no to this face!  

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Teaching Myself to Craft: Boho Bracelets

 I came across this bracelet craft on pinterest, and I loved it so much and had to try it. It looked so simple to do, and gathering the supplies was just as easy. I plan on making a bunch for friends and family, in different colors. Here is how I did it: 

  • Synthetic suede (or any other material that you think would be suitable)
  • String
  • Chain
  • Wooden beads 
 Supplies. The original suggestions called for a nut. I was making them using a nut at first, and I felt like it was too heavy, so I started using wood beads instead. Much lighter.

 Step one: Fold your backbone material in half and loop at the middle point. I used a synthetic suede. This will be your hook for your bead. 

 Step two: Tie your sting of choice on. I used only one knot to keep it on. Tuck the tail down for the next step.

Step three: Wrap string down bracelet over tucked in tail of string. Take care to keep the synthetic suede stacked. It makes the bracelet look neater. About 3/4 of an inch should do it.
 Step four: Place chain on top of the stacked synthetic suede and continue to wrap string around suede and chain. Wrap in between balls of the chain.

 Step five: Once the entire chain is wrapped, continue to wrap string around synthetic suede for about 3/4 of an inch.

 Step six: Tie a knot at the end of wrapping as close as you can possibly get it.

 Step seven: Slide on bead or nut or, whatever you may be using and tie another knot. Dont knot trim your excess synthetic suede until you have tried it on for size.

 Perfect fit!
Maybe one day I can craft on a full time basis and sell my creations in an online shop. Throw some photography in there and we are happy!

Happy crafting my friends!

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And this is what we have been up to lately:

 Raw vegan pumpkin pie thanks to Cliff and Foods For Life (post on this coming soon). So delicious!!!
 On this day it was about 60 out in the middle of  November, unheard of. I especially like this picture because Amar'e is airborne. Look close at her feet. Neither are touching the ground. Magical♥
 Amar'e and her godfather Kliff. Such a great picture of the both of them. Love their smiles!
 I love this photo. Don't know why, but I do.
 Mashed potatoes, sliced grape tomatoes, steamed broccoli. Inspiration from Vegan Mother Hubbard. Please check out her blog. She has amazing recipes and menus for vegan toddlers (she has toddler twin girls that are beyond adorable) and more! Love it!!
 Going green. Natural home freshener. Orange peels and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon boiled. Unbelievable!
 Amar'e helping to make Christmas gift for our loved ones! She filled the entire bottle herself. She is an amazing little helper!

 We love hanging out with little friends.
  I did it. I finally got a Monroe piercing. I've wanted one for years, and today I finally made this dream come true. Andrew hates it, but I love it.
Love it! 

 Basketball! 1st game of the year!
 Foul shot!
Mar and I in the girl's room.

What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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Library Time

We have been having fun with our library books lately. We have gotten better at getting our books back on time. We go to the library every other Tuesday. It used to be on Friday's because they had story time. This is a great time for Amar'e and I to go and listen to a nice lady read to a group of children. I do plan on trying to get back to Friday as our library day. This means we will either plan to keep the books out later or bringing them back earlier. It is worth it to be able to get Amar'e to participate in story time. When we were going earlier in the year, she was the youngest child there. Everyone commended me on starting her on books so young. I am pretty proud that we have been able to keep up with the library visits. I am still ready Bringing up Bebe. I only have 50 pages left, and I want to finish it before Tuesday. I seriously recommend this book to any mothers out there interested in how other countries treat child rearing, and how other places do things differently. Example of this would be government subsidized child care for everyone. Super interesting! Love it very much! Anyway, here are Amar'e picks the last time we went to the library:

I am always looking for interesting new books for Amar'e. So if anyone has any good suggestions, please sent them our way via comment below!

Happy reading my friends!

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Thank you Boba!

When I was about 4 months pregnant with Amar'e, Andrew and I were in North Conway village at the Belly to Belly Boutique. This boutique is a sort of consignment shop for maternity clothes and other baby/mama things. I knew I wanted a carrier for the baby, but didn't do much research about the best one. I had seen the Boba brand once in my baby magazines and it caught my eye because of the colors (green  and brown) and because it was made from organic materials. (Andrew and I tried to find out the sex of the baby, but weren't able to. So we embraced this surprise. So I decided that everything will be earthy colors like green and brown. I thought this would be gender neutral. )So after being in this shop for about 10 seconds, I saw the Boba carrier and rushed over to it. I was overjoyed that they had them. I wasn't expecting this to happen. I went to this shop with no expectations at all. The shop owner saw my interest in the Boba and proceeded to show me her's. It was great that I got to see and feel one before making this pricey purchase. She even gave me a demonstration with her little one, whom she had with her. I was a little nervous to watch her do it with her baby, but I was surprised how effortlessly she got her strapped in. I was sooo impressed and purchased one right there. I can't even begin to tell you how this purchase has transformed my life! While she was little I wore her on the front, once she hit 15 lbs, she went on the back. I wouldn't be able to clean, blog, shop, hike, or go to the library without my Boba. So thank you Boba! Muah! We love you! I totally recommend any pregnant ladies, and mamas that have children under 45 lbs go out there and get yourselves one, or put it on the registry. You will not regret it!

It comes with a removable sleeping hood for when your little one falls asleep; you can keep their head from bobbing all over the place.

 Hiking Pine Mountain
She loved it up until the last 20 minutes or so. She wanted to come back to me. So I took her down the rest of the way. Great workout!

Next Spring/Summer Andrew and I will be in the market for a hiking pack for Amar'e. Does anyone have any suggestions for us?

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