Homemade Baby Wipes

I was elated to hear from a friend that she came across a homemade baby wipe recipe that she thought I would love. She was beyond right……I LOVE it! Diapering and wiping a baby's tiny behind is by far the most expensive part of having baby. Well, maybe feeding is if your not breastfeeding your little one. But, either way, it is pretty pricey and to buy wipes. This recipe, along with some thrifting thinking, can cut out the expense of buying wipes entirely. This recipes is made up of all natural organic ingredients and receiving blankets….eco-friendly and non-toxic. Does it get any better than that?

I ordered my ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs but I am sure you find these things other places online or your local nature food store.

What you'll need to make one batch of wipes:

-Receiving blanket, old t-shirt cut into 8x8 square
-2 cups of boiled water (cooled but still warm)
-1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel
-1 tablespoon Which Hazel Extract
-2 tablespoon Castille Soap
-2 Vitamin E Caps
-1 tablespoon Olive oil
-6 drops of Orange Bitter Essential oil
-6 drops of Lavender Essential oil

How to make this magic happen:

-Find, cut, and fold wipes while waiting for water to boil. Once you have a good amount of wipes cut, you will be washing and using them over and over again. They might become stringy from being cut up. Just pull stings and throw the stings away.

 Receiving blankets cut into 8x8 squares

 Accordion fold them.  

Once water is boiled pour into a bowl and throw in the vitamin E caps so they can dissolve while water is still hot. Once water has cooled off a bit, add in all the remaining ingredients and give a good stir. 

Let mixture cool while stirring occasionally.
Pour the cool wipe mixture over the wipes in the container. Close top and flip over a few times to ensure the wipes are saturated with mixture.

This recipe can be made in batches. I made a gallon of it in a dispensing container and just dispense about 2 cups of it into my wipe container over freshly washed and folded wipes.

*I use an old wipe container for the dirty wipes. I empty them into a laundry bag like this one when it gets full and throw it in the wash with the rest of the baby clothes. I have two groups of wipes so that I'm never without wipes. One being used and one getting washed. It's been working beautifully for four months now.

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Library Time

We were able to take a trip to our new library. It is amazing! The children's section is huge. Actually the entire library is huge compared to our previous library. I was so delighted to become a member and find out that we can take out 50 books per card. What! That is awesome news. They also offer a ton of activity sessions for toddlers and children's reading times throughout the week.  We've made two trips and this is what we got:

I am open to children's literature suggestions. What do you like reading to your littles? I've come across this list of top 100 children's books to read. I am excited to have a goal of completing this list in our reading life.

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