I must hear the word why a million times a day with a curious three year old tagging along with me everywhere I go. Why this, why that. It doesn't bother me at all, even under the most stressful situations I try and answer her questions. I find it incredibly important to not only answer her why questions, but I answer all her questions with full responses. And If she asks me a question I don't know the answer to, I admit to her that I don't know. I rarely respond with a "just because that is the way it is" because there is always an answer to"why" if you think about it. But she is pretty good about why-ing me into submission.

  I know she doesn't fully understand most of the answers I give her but she will in time. If anything I'm hoping this makes her feel as though I value her curiosity, because I do. I know she won't be this age forever so I try and soak up every ounce of it that I can. I love engaging with her and her question she has about the world around her. 

Amar'e, hit me with your best why!

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  1. OMG her hair!!! She's growing...
    Nereus asks the craziest things too!


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