Potty Training.....Take Two

It's been a couple months since we have started to whole process of potty training and we haven't made too much headway. Since November, Amar'e has went from running away from her potty to sitting on it calmly. Our new approach is to let her run around with no diaper and hope that she will use the potty if she feels the need to go. This has been only slightly successful. To be honest, this has been  more of a mess then a success. In the few days before we went to Florida she was running around in a diaper and would suddenly stop, pull at it and say "potty". I would immediately run over and sit her on the potty. She would sit there for a few seconds, stand up and say "done". I would be so excited and look to see what she had done, and it was nothing. She would run away laughing. I think this was an excuse for her to get me to take off her diaper so she could run free! Smart kid! Now she has graduated to using her potty as a storage unit for her toys. Every time we are missing the Wii remote, and have looked everywhere for it with no luck, we always check the potty and sure enough we find what we are looking for. Amar'e thinks this is soo funny. I am slightly less amused by this new storage unit.

 As seen in the picture, she still thinks she needs to decorate her potty. She loves to put artwork all over it every chance she gets. Good thing all her makers are washable.

So, for now I am going to keep taking it slowly. I am in no rush, I want her to do it when she is ready. 

 Other uses for the potty:
A great seat to watch a show. Best part, it's mobile.

 Something to take apart and put back together.

 Perfect to stand on and jump off of!

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Two Years Of Marriage....Cotton

January 28th makes two years of marriage for Andrew and I. This would make it our Cotton year according to About dot com. We haven't done anything special to celebrate this anniversary as of now. We didn't mean to bypass this special date, but with school and work schedules conflicting constantly, we will probably do something in the spring or summer to celebrate. I am sure most people would celebrate with gifts, card, flowers, etc. For us, we would rather hike a mountain with the kids to celebrate this special event. I think this would be our best option for a few reasons.  It is physically challenging, it is mentally freeing, it is fulfilling, and it's mostly free! We also would love to take a trip to Canada, to Montreal, this summer. Maybe that would be a good way to celebrate. Either way, we have plenty of time to plan this out.  

Andrew and I have been together for many many years, so for us marriage wasn't a huge adjustment. I am not saying we don't act like a married couple, we do. We definitely have our days. We have our little disagreements and fights. Nothing that last more than a day or two and usually quarrels are over ridiculous things. Andrew and I have a lot of big dreams for our future together and are eagerly working towards these goals. We are a good team when it comes to the house and family. Overall, this is somethings that both of have fought extremely hard to be part of. Our long story is no fairy tale, but it is our story.

I love you Andrew! Looking forward to many more years of , love, laughter, food and family together♥

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A {tiny} peek inside my home

I wanted to share a very tiny peek inside my home. I absolutely love when bloggers do home tours and peeks inside their homes, so I figured I would do the same. Here are only a few of my favorite things inside this home of mine. If I can de-clutter and organize properly, maybe one day I will do a full home tour. Until then....

 Fun random finds: Sea shells, face incense burner, magic rocks, good-luck owl.

 The bookcase. It is rare for it to look this nice. It only lasted about 45 seconds until Amar'e noticed.

 Herb garden on the table.

 Photo wall.

 Looking out the window over the sink. Where I spend most of my time washing dishes.

 More random goodness. I love anything with mushrooms on it, and it's even better because it's thrifted.

 Amare's dresser. This was our first project. If was red when we got it, and we re-painted it before Amar'e was born. 

 Pray flags from Nepal. They hang over our bed.

 Floor to ceiling stone fireplace anyone? We dont use it, but it looks very nice.

The reasons this house doesn't stay clean. Amar'e doesn't help either, but her cuteness buys her a ticket out of blame.

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Happy Birthday Damien!

Eleven years ago today I became a mother for the first time. I didn't know what that meant at the time, but I understand that fully now. Damien and I have been given a unique opportunity to try something that most people don't get to experience. People have this notation that being a young mother is extremely shameful, and even feel bad for young mother. I don't understand this concept. There is no right age for motherhood. This is societies warped view of reality. I don't know what my life would have been like if I didn't have Damien at fifteen. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and I am sure that this is the case with Damien and I. We have been through a lot of different experiences together as mother and son, and together these things shaped us to the people we are today. And today Damien turns eleven years old. No longer a little boy by size, but still in his heart. His unconditional loves teaches me to be more patient everyday and to take a step back and be thankful for what is around me. There are no words to describe how lucky I am to be this wonderful boys mother!

I love you Damien. Happy Birthday baby!
Pictures below are in no particular order:

Yes, this picture was used in A little Q &A with Damien post but I love it so much to not throw it in this one too! 

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Back Home

Well, I originally thought that I would do a post from Florida, but once I got there I thought it would be better to take the week off and enjoy my family. I didn't want to take any time away from my family. We are back home now and I have a lot of mixed feelings about coming home. I really missed Andrew, Damien, and the pets but I really didn't want to leave the comfort that Florida gives to me. I love everything about Florida, and I mean everything. Not even the extreme summer heat bothers me. A little history of me and Florida. I spent a lot of time during my childhood in Florida. My aunt and cousin live there, and my grandmother and I would go down during summer vacations to spend the summer. I even went to kindergarten and fourth grade in Orlando. I have always had a strong draw that pulls me there. I spend the first couple days repeating to myself, "I can't believe I am in Florida". It had been about four years since I had been there last. Amar'e LOVED it! She got to wear all of her pretty sun dresses and we went to the beach! Yes, we went to the beach in January! In my opinion, there is nothing better than that! We were able to visit a couple of the Disney parks, and best of all Amar'e was introduced to family that she had not met before. We were so lucky to be able to spend time with my grandmother, who is like my mother because she raised me. Sadly, two years ago, her health declined and my aunt moved her to Florida. Now she lives with my Aunt and Uncle and they take care of her. I've never seen such dedications and love in my life. When I first saw her, I will admit, I overwhelmed with emotion that I hid well. I was so happy to be able to see her! It was really special and even more special to have Amar'e meet the women I consider my mother.

Spending time with my cousin  and his wonderful girlfriend Crystel was awesome. I say he is my cousin because that is his true relation to me, but I consider Alex my brother. We were able to sneak away one evening and hit up downtown Orlando with an old friend of ours, Crystel (Alex's girl), and our step-sister Dee-Dee. I haven't been out like that in years, and it was really nice to be able to clear my head and just relax. Amar'e was in good hands hanging out with my aunt and grandmother, and when I returned she was sound asleep in her bed. I was totally impressed!

All in all, our little trip was a great success! I would love to live in Florida and I hope one day soon this will be a reality for my family. For now, I will not see the outdoors again until mid-April or May. It will be boots, hats, gloves, and heavy jackets for the time being. Living in Northern New Hampshire is by no means easy. Ok, I will be honest, I HATE it! :)

Dear Florida,

Thank you showing us a great time. Thank you for the wonderful weather. Thank you for everything.  We will be back!


Dear Auntie Sandra and Uncle Otis,

Thank you for making this trip to Florida for Amar'e and I possible. It's beyond wonderful to be able to spend time with you guys. I really enjoyed our talks, they were truly inspiring. One day I know we will live closer and I look forward to the day we can just drive over to visit and help out. I really love your beautiful house, and had a blast at the family gathering- we enjoyed one anothers company and good food! I can not thank you enough! Muah! We will be back!


P.S- Amar'e is still yelling out Awwnee and looking for you!


Dear Alex and Crystel,

Thank you for everything! I can't wait to spend more time with you guys! You guys were amazing with Amar'e, and it was really nice to have extra sets of hands around to help out. Crystel, I look forward to meeting your friend you told me about and possibly doing play dates and stuff like that. Alex, I cant wait to cook you a yummy vegan meal you will absolutely love. :)

 Now for the trip in pictures:

Manchester Airport. Did I mention I was terrified to fly. My heart would race every time there was a slight bit of turbulence.

We were really lucky on the flight down because the plane was only 2/3 full and we had a whole row to ourselves. Much different on the way back. They told me that there were 16 seats open so I thought for sure that we would have a whole row again. At the last minute the planed filled up. I don't know how this happened. So strange. So Amar'e ended up a lap child like she was suppose to be originally. It really wasn't too bad.

She loved Alex's fish.

Crystel and Amar'e

My Gram, Uncle Otis, and Mar

 ♥ Family ♥

  ♥The crew♥

 Love old pictures! Alex and I. Yup, we are pretty darn cool.

Beach baby!

 "Mar, what does the bird say?"  Mar: "Eeet eeet"

Yes, it was nice enough out in the middle of January for Amar'e to be wearing just a diaper.

Slightly sweaty on the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom with Alex.

Who falls asleep on a Safari ride?
She does!

So many fish!

 Drinking Ginger Ale at Epcot.

 Eating rice with chopsticks at Epcot. Impressive for a not yet two year old to be using chopsticks.

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