An Obsession With Band-Aids

Amar'e has been obsessed with band-aids for a while now. She calls them boo-boo's and we know when she says that she means band-aids.  She rarely needs a band-aid but according to her every little bump or fall warrants the need of a band-aid. It's reached to a point that every time we go to the store she reminds us in her sweet little voice that we need Dora boo-boo's. She has a special taste for the Dora ones but due to cost we have decided that we will buy the regular old band-aids and she doesn't seem to mind. We also have to keep them out of her sight because if she the box she insist that she needs one or ten. According to Amar'e, everything from the bar chairs to the dogs and cats need boo-boo's. I have to watcher her closely to make sure she doesn't try and put a boo-boo on the cats. I don't think they would be as tolerant as the dogs with the whole boo-boo thing. Until she gets through this stage we budget in getting a box of boo-boo for Amar'e every other week. We do keep a spare box to be used by everyone else as needed.

Here is my proof:

 This is the boo-boo that prompted the request of the band-aids

 Look closely to see that the bar stool needed a boo-boo
 Couldn't fix one without the other

Have a great weekend everyone!

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This Is What Weekends Were Made For

My pregnancy hormones are kicking into high gear and affecting my brain function. I am forgetting things, thinking I already took care of something and I didn't, sorting pictures to add to a post and never adding them. For the most part, I am usually on top of things.....not so much lately.  Anyway, here is a look at our weekend. We had a picnic, which was brought to an end because the bugs were so bad we couldn't take it and it started to rain (funny, I didn't notice any bugs in Florida ruining our outings). We had a day out and went to the children't museum and played for a bit, tried to pick strawberries but they were closed, ended up getting the picnic basket I wanted for the day before and played at the park for a bit. Overall, this is what weekends are for:

What did you do last weekend?

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Feel free to contact me at perfectimperfections23@yahoo.com if you have questions....or just to say hello!


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A Love For Florida~A Family Vacation

I cannot put into words how much this family enjoyed our visit to Florida. It is unbelievable what eight days away from home will do for your soul. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and spending time with family. The only regret I have is not being at see my cousin more. I understand that life happens, and I do not expect anyone to stop living because of us.  I also regret not bringing my DSLR. I would have been able to handle taking it everywhere without a problem. What is the sense of having a great camera if I don't bring it everywhere, especially if I want to be a photographer. I need to have more confidence in myself and taking my camera along. I'm just worried something will happen to it, because if that were to happen we have no room in the budget to replace or repair it. Overall, this make me extra careful with it. I do bring it along 80% of the time, just not to places I don't think it will be needed.

I wasn't sure how everyone was going to handle the heat, but to my surprise it didn't bother any of us. We truly enjoyed being in 90+ degree weather. At times, it did zap some of my energy but we all agreed that we would rather have it 90+ for a good portion of the year rather than it be below zero. This family if meant to live in a warm climate without a doubt. One day this will happen.

So I can go on and on about how much we love being in Florida but I would rather just show you the pictures of our lovely trip.

 Horrible picture quality. I truly regret not bringing my DSLR. At this point Andrew had been awake for 30 or more hours. 
 On the plane. I've aimed to get the back row four separate times and I've been successful every single time. Being in the back of the plane is ideal to me having a toddler because it is really close to the bathrooms and flight attendants. It worked out lovely for a needy family. Andrew didn't fare so well at the end of our flight to Florida because we had to circle the runway because a turtle was on the runway.  I will admit that this made me a little queasy. 
Picture with my gram.
Her hair is getting lighter
So silly
 This family loves the beach! We spent an entire day at Cocoa Beach and it was amazing. I wish we lived closer to a beach that you can actually go swimming at. Our closest beach we go to in Maine is a two hour drive away and  the water is freezing! Not even worth the trip!

 Beach bums

 More beach bums. I didn't get a picture of Damien at the beach because I could hardly get him out of the water long enough to put more sunscreen on him. 

 Beach aftermath

 The crew at Disney Hollywood Studios

 Hot and sweaty at Hollywood Studios

 Waiting for the bus to take us to Epcot.

 Iced green tea from Japan. Yes please!

 This is the answer I got after asking them if they had fun at Disney.

 Second time in a row that this kid sleeps on the Safari Ride at Animal Kingdom.

 It almost looks like she is in with the tiger. I promise she isn't, its just the way the picture came out. 
Love this picture of Amar'e 
He sure is goofy! :)

 Amar'e got the princess treatment at the bibidi bobbidi boutique A.K.A-I did her hair in my aunt's bathroom. A real princess treatment at Disney would cost more than $100...I'm sure. 
Just missing a tiny princess tiara 
 We also painted her little toes as part of her princess treatment. 
 Can this kid of ours get any cuter.....I don't thinks that's possible. 

My face during a T-storm. The thunder was so loud. It made the Sheriff sitting in his car in front of us nearly jump out of his skin. Yikes! I guess the storms down here are nothing to mess with. I've been through a few bad ones in my past...but I tend to forget what they were like. I can say that this storm was a reminder of how strong they can be.

A few confessions:

I'm officially in love with Disney World. I have been there many,many, many times in my life, but I have to say that this time I had a whole different appreciation for it. 

The Disney princesses are growing on me.  I was never really fond of them in the past. Maybe I thought they were oversexulized, but during this trip I realized that they weren't oversexulized at all. I am not entirely sure where that feeling came from, but they are surely growing on. I've even stared watching the Disney princess movies with Amar'e. I've seen most of them, but like I said, I am seeing them differently now. Princess Tiana is my favorite and I am anxious to watch the movie. (I'm a bit kid and always will be)

I want to move to Florida! 

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