An Obsession With Band-Aids

Amar'e has been obsessed with band-aids for a while now. She calls them boo-boo's and we know when she says that she means band-aids.  She rarely needs a band-aid but according to her every little bump or fall warrants the need of a band-aid. It's reached to a point that every time we go to the store she reminds us in her sweet little voice that we need Dora boo-boo's. She has a special taste for the Dora ones but due to cost we have decided that we will buy the regular old band-aids and she doesn't seem to mind. We also have to keep them out of her sight because if she the box she insist that she needs one or ten. According to Amar'e, everything from the bar chairs to the dogs and cats need boo-boo's. I have to watcher her closely to make sure she doesn't try and put a boo-boo on the cats. I don't think they would be as tolerant as the dogs with the whole boo-boo thing. Until she gets through this stage we budget in getting a box of boo-boo for Amar'e every other week. We do keep a spare box to be used by everyone else as needed.

Here is my proof:

 This is the boo-boo that prompted the request of the band-aids

 Look closely to see that the bar stool needed a boo-boo
 Couldn't fix one without the other

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. aaahhh jajjaaja ahora todo tiene una nana y tiene que curarla!!

    besos para ti desde chile


    1. Yes Danny, thats all this little boo-boo needs now! :) xoxo

  2. Hahahaha omg what a goob! Still doing that I see. Miss your faces!

    1. Yes, she is still going strong..and a new development...all her bug bites need boo-boos! All of them!!!! OMG! Miss your face too!!! xoxo

  3. Ahhh perhaps a future nurse or doctor!!! She wants to fix things and make them better...awww I can see that!

    miss you all
    Awwnee San

  4. Ha I noticed the band aids on the chairs during lunch the other day but didn't think to ask :) she is too precious. She can come work with awnee and put band aids on all the babies :)

    awnee Stacie

  5. I used to have a fixation with Band-Aid too when I was a kid. However, that fixation turned sour when the Band-Aid stayed too long on my foot wounds or sores. As a result, the wound took some time to heal, and it even got wet and damp too. And I never became a nurse or a doctor when I grew up.


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