My Hair Is Falling Out!

About a month ago I noticed that my hair was falling out when I brushed it, washed/conditioned it in the shower, or even took it down from being tied up.  At first I didn't give it much attention because I mostly thought it was regular ol' everyday hair shed. Then I started to notice that it was coming out heavily when I would run my fingers through it or brushed it. It even started to feel different in it's texture. I still thought maybe it could be adjusting to the new water here in Maine or that it must be stress.  Well, it's not the water and it's not stress. Upon research I found out that this issue is called Postpartum Hair Loss and it's right on time.  My hormones are starting to normalized after having Anderson and this is the result of that hormonal shift. This usually happens to about 30% of women 3-4 months after giving birth. I didn't have this issue with Damien or Amar'e that I can remember and that is why I had no idea what was happening.

 I've been shedding hair for almost a month now and I am hoping it will slow down soon because I feel like I'm gonna lose all of my hair and be bald. I keep asking Andrew if I have bald spots that I can't see. He reassures me I don't but when I see the amount of hair that I pull out of my brush, I get a bit worried. I wonder what I would look like with no hair? Maybe I could pull off a do like Amber Rose?

Has this happened to anyone reading here? How long did it last for you?

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Entertaining Your Baby {Guest Post}

Entertaining a baby is not an easy task. Now that Anderson is 4 months old he is alert and awake most (all) of the day and looking to be entertained (or feed, mostly feed) constantly. Maybe it's my lack of creativity at the moment, but sometimes I find myself at a lost as to how to keep him engaged and stimulated. Well, Ghezzi from www.pregg.net is here to help with activities to enjoy with your 4 month old.  Take it away Ghezzi….

Activities to Enjoy With Your 4 Month Old Baby  

When your newborn turns 4 months you will notice that his eyes are wandering more frequently. This is because at this stage, your baby could already differentiate between colors. He can also start focusing his vision on small things. He can already watch the things around him and may respond with a frown or chuckle. By this time, your baby may have a good grasp on little objects.

Upsy-Daisy as a Fun Exercise
The idea of this activity is to enjoy your baby’s reflex ability. Try to notice that at this stage, when he sits up he will close his eyes when you put him down and upon your lift he opens his eyes. Sounds pretty normal huh? But this is called the baby doll reflex and sooner he will lose this reflex and can take more control of his body movement. 

To do the Upsy-Daisy, put your baby on a soft surface to be safe. Let him hold your thumb (remember, your baby at this stage has good grasp), make sure to hold his hand too in case he decides to let go of your thumb. Sit gently on his feet and pull your baby to make him do sit-ups and as both of your face approaches each other, say “Upsy-Daisy!” Doing it repeatedly is a good exercise for your baby.

Play Puppet
This activity will be enjoyed by babies at 4 months and beyond. At this stage his vision is very clear and a colorful puppet will drive your baby to giggle crazy. If you don’t have one yet then grab the other pair of clean socks and add buttons, yarns, scrap fabric and some colorful markers. Play the puppet with your baby while he sits on your lap. Tell stories, sing nursery songs, or tickle your baby gently. Just remember not to let your baby put the sock near his mouth because he might swallow small objects and the marker ink.

Have you tried this with your baby? Did both of you have fun?


Thanks Ghezzi!

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Anderson Ryan Alexander {4 months}

Dear sweet Anderson,
You truly put a smile on my face every single day! We spend so much time with each other these days. There is very few waking moments that you aren't in my arms. We are truly in love. You are interacting  with your environment more and more each day. You are interested in what everyone around you is doing and eating. You seem to very interested in the food that I'm eating. At times, it even seems like you want to eat the food yourself. You will grab and reach for my plate. You are a few months away from having solid food so hang in there. Your sister is totally in love with you. As she is running by you she will stop, turn around, just to rub the top of your head and say "hey there little Anderson". This is a moment I replay in my head a million times a day. Your little giggles turn me into a baby-talking fool. I love everything about you.


Anderson is growing out of control. He is now 20 lbs and having to hold him for an extended amount of time makes my arm sore for days. He is starting to reach and grab things in front of him. I love it when he brings his hands together in hope of grasping an object. He just amazes me. He's still sleeping ALL night and is awake most of the day. I'm learning to take advantage of the time he is napping during the day to get essential things done. Everyone does a great job of helping out with him now that he is a bit older. When I have to make dinner and he isn't sleeping, I will have Damien entertain him. This sounds nicer than what it ends up being. It usually ends when Damien gets distracted by teasing Amar'e, who screams at him to stop, and in turn the baby isn't being entertained, so he cries. Yah, so sometimes it is counter-productive, but there is no way to make dinner while holding a baby. I'll take even a few moments of craziness to at least get dinner going. All I can say is that "we are getting there".

Rolls…..those rolls

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A Birth Day {Today Is Mine}

A birth day……my birth day. Yes, today marks my 28th year of life. I'm feeling pretty accomplished at this point in my life. I have my education, I have my husband and family, I have three wonderful children and I found out I have a passion for photography and I'm trying to start a photography business. I also found out that I enjoy making (and buying) handmade goods (Etsy shop found here). We have made some big changes to our lives recently when we moved out of the comfort zone of our hometown and relocated to Brunswick, Maine. I am happy with the way things are going. I feel like I can finally live a bit versus just exist.

 I feel much more confident as a person as I get older. Maybe as I get older I'm getting wiser. I look forward to continuing my journey of living this life of mine. I look forward to being closer to good friends and family. I can't wait to pick up from where we left off.  I'm looking forward to welcoming new people in my life.

For once, what is usually a slightly depressing day for me turned out to be a wonderful day filled with insight, fresh thoughts, and a new lease on life. At the age of 28 I feel like I finally understand the complex world that I must navigate with my family, or maybe I'm finally understanding that the world doesn't revolve around me or anyone else (expect a hungry 4 month old). I feel much more in touch with things that once perplexed me….

Today consisted of a Sushi date for lunch, a trip to an Art Museum, and stew and biscuits for dinner. Yes, it was a pretty simple day, but enjoyable.


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