Anderson Ryan Alexander {4 months}

Dear sweet Anderson,
You truly put a smile on my face every single day! We spend so much time with each other these days. There is very few waking moments that you aren't in my arms. We are truly in love. You are interacting  with your environment more and more each day. You are interested in what everyone around you is doing and eating. You seem to very interested in the food that I'm eating. At times, it even seems like you want to eat the food yourself. You will grab and reach for my plate. You are a few months away from having solid food so hang in there. Your sister is totally in love with you. As she is running by you she will stop, turn around, just to rub the top of your head and say "hey there little Anderson". This is a moment I replay in my head a million times a day. Your little giggles turn me into a baby-talking fool. I love everything about you.


Anderson is growing out of control. He is now 20 lbs and having to hold him for an extended amount of time makes my arm sore for days. He is starting to reach and grab things in front of him. I love it when he brings his hands together in hope of grasping an object. He just amazes me. He's still sleeping ALL night and is awake most of the day. I'm learning to take advantage of the time he is napping during the day to get essential things done. Everyone does a great job of helping out with him now that he is a bit older. When I have to make dinner and he isn't sleeping, I will have Damien entertain him. This sounds nicer than what it ends up being. It usually ends when Damien gets distracted by teasing Amar'e, who screams at him to stop, and in turn the baby isn't being entertained, so he cries. Yah, so sometimes it is counter-productive, but there is no way to make dinner while holding a baby. I'll take even a few moments of craziness to at least get dinner going. All I can say is that "we are getting there".

Rolls…..those rolls

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  1. oh my goodness...growing is an understatement!! LOL
    He still looks like you with his little pucky lips and cute little nose...I just want to squeeze him badly haha!
    Your family is so healthy Dez...way to go!!!
    Awnee San

    1. You are gonna be able to give him a good squeeze very soon! We are looking to visiting you guys very soon! Thanks Auntie! xoxo!

  2. oh my he is soo cute I wanna bite him! lol seriously, you seem to look petite, how do you manage to carry him ?

    1. Good question Vange! It takes all of the strength I can muster to carry him around. I am currently working on my strength training when I can to help me out because I know he isn't getting any smaller. And you know what heavier than a 20 lbs 4 month old?………a double stroller! So if I plan on getting out and about after the snow melts I have to get a bit stronger. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aww he's a wonderful baby! I want to squeeze him too haha! And it seems that baby led weaning (solids) would be perfect for him! Have you consider that?

    Nereus was not a big fan of sleeping either so I was making most of our meals with the baby on the ring sling! Challenging but it can be done!

    1. That would be perfect for him! We will be starting that soon.

      I am working on getting him to be comfortable in the Boba carrier. He got so big so fast that he still seems a bit young, but we are working on it. :)



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