I must hear the word why a million times a day with a curious three year old tagging along with me everywhere I go. Why this, why that. It doesn't bother me at all, even under the most stressful situations I try and answer her questions. I find it incredibly important to not only answer her why questions, but I answer all her questions with full responses. And If she asks me a question I don't know the answer to, I admit to her that I don't know. I rarely respond with a "just because that is the way it is" because there is always an answer to"why" if you think about it. But she is pretty good about why-ing me into submission.

  I know she doesn't fully understand most of the answers I give her but she will in time. If anything I'm hoping this makes her feel as though I value her curiosity, because I do. I know she won't be this age forever so I try and soak up every ounce of it that I can. I love engaging with her and her question she has about the world around her. 

Amar'e, hit me with your best why!


Anderson Ryan-Alexander {8 months}

As I sit here typing this post, Anderson is screaming at me from his crib because I am working on sleep training him. I've never had to sleep train a baby before because Amar'e and Damien did pretty good on  their own for various reasons. With Anderson, it's all different. He is in the habit of nursing to sleep. Now this habit is terrible for a couple reasons. First, I'm the only one who can put him to sleep for obvious reasons and second it makes it incredibly difficult for me to leave him with the sitter.  It would be better for everyone, including him, if he were able to get himself to sleep. It is gonna take a few trial and error attempts but I'm ready to do this. I'm not really following a method, but more like combining various aspects of different methods I've read about. Fingers crossed that it will go smoothly! (Who am I kidding? This is gonna suck!)

Besides sleep training Anderson is all over the place these days. He started crawling, yes I said crawling, last week! I'm not prepared for this what so ever. I still haven't put all of the baby proofing things in place….and he has a tooth, with another one close behind! All of this happened at the same time and so fast. 

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