Christmas was a great time of family, friends, and food. We had a switch up of events this year due to work schedules. We usually go to our memere's house on Christmas Eve and to the folk's house on Christmas Day but this year we went to memere's house on the day after Christmas. On Christmas morning we had pink Christmas pancakes (Amar'e requested pink) and opened our gifts before getting ready to go to the folk's house for more family, food and fun.  Love these moments:

Out of focus but I couldn't resist showing off this face! 

Christmas lights bokeh! 

Yah, I just realized I didn't make it into any of the Christmas photos. I guess that's the price you pay for being the photographer.

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! 

Love and peace my friends  


Finding Our New Normal

Well, if I thought things were chaotic and busy before Anderson was born I was dead wrong. I was for sure I had it all planned out in my head how I would manage everyone, the house, sleep depervation, laundry and cloth diapering, food, having 3 kids, the bills but I guess you can never truly plan things that have minds of their own. We are working really hard to find our new normal. Everyone is adjusting fairly well.  Amar'e is getting better with being told she has to wait for some requests. That took some time for her to understand because she hadn't been told "that will take me a second to get for you" many times before Anderson was here. Damien has already been through a total life change when Amar'e arrived, and being almost 12 he is fairing very well. For the most part, Damien is in his own world doing is own thing….ok that means constantly on his iPod. That thing is going to be the end of us both.

There are so many things I want to write about and share, but I can't find justifiable time to put these thoughts into print. Even now, as I type, I am thinking of things that I can be doing around the house. I guess I just need to find a happy balance of time. Most of the time I am sitting and nursing Anderson, and I am not particularly good at sitting still for long, so while I nurse him I crotchet baby blankets to sell in my Etsy shop. This is a good use of time since I am now officially a stay at home mom (more on this later). I am not sure how my beloved grandmother did it. She not only had me to raise, but my sister all while having and managing apartments and working. Wow, I just look back on it and I have a totally different appreciation for her and all she did for me. Things in our home were always neat and orderly. She worked hard to make this all happen. Andrew's grandparents had 7 children in the house we live in now and I am blown away how they managed to even function in this space. I truly find it beyond difficult to have 5 people in this house, nevermind 9 people. I am constantly trying to minimize our living and simplify things in the house because we don't have any closets in the bedrooms (not joking) and our living space always seems extremely cluttered. We do our best, and I really don't mind having to constantly donate things we don't use and can't store. I feel much better living simply.

Damien just got through his regular basketball season and I was only able to make it to one game because I wasn't sure how I would manage Amar'e and Anderson on my own while Andrew coached Damien's team during the game. It really worked out great that Andrew helped coached Damien's team because he was able to be at every game and every practice. Although I would of loved to go to every game, it would have been down right difficult, possibly borderline insane. Damien's immigration night, which is an activity where the kids take on an ancestor of their's and go through a mock immigration process, went really well with no tantrums or breakdowns from Amar'e, and Anderson remained asleep. Things also went really well at a Christmas band concert Damien was in. I was constantly on edge during these events hoping that Anderson would stay asleep and Amar'e would stay under control. Once again, still finding our new normal.

This is what finding our new normal looks like:

Immigration Night-Damien as Fortunate Cote

Amar'e is so happy to be hanging out with Uncle Ryan

These dogs, and the rest of the family, aren't into the cold weather and want to move to Florida

Feeling festive at Damien's Xmas concert


Our Basketball star

Attempting to put my lens cap on as I snap pictures of her

This is what the mornings look like from my prespective. Love these guys! 

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