Christmas was a great time of family, friends, and food. We had a switch up of events this year due to work schedules. We usually go to our memere's house on Christmas Eve and to the folk's house on Christmas Day but this year we went to memere's house on the day after Christmas. On Christmas morning we had pink Christmas pancakes (Amar'e requested pink) and opened our gifts before getting ready to go to the folk's house for more family, food and fun.  Love these moments:

Out of focus but I couldn't resist showing off this face! 

Christmas lights bokeh! 

Yah, I just realized I didn't make it into any of the Christmas photos. I guess that's the price you pay for being the photographer.

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! Congrats for being able to blog with three kids. I only have one and I feel lost!

  2. Yes so very beautiful...I'll very much agree with krysta's comments! So glad you have Andrew's family and now of course yours to share these times with...family becomes more important as you go through life. We too enjoyed family but as you know there's always that hint of bittersweetness present... I applaud you for focusing on the now present and how you are making your future better by your choices and the choices for your family. I look forward to the future when we can possibly spend more time together and not be so far away from each other. Right now I gaze into the eyes of the precious gram that raised you and see so many wonderful memories she has locked up inside that present themselves from time to time, but just always know how she treasured raising you girls and how you'll always be the light of her life... love you all very much!
    Awwnee San


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