My Hair Is Falling Out!

About a month ago I noticed that my hair was falling out when I brushed it, washed/conditioned it in the shower, or even took it down from being tied up.  At first I didn't give it much attention because I mostly thought it was regular ol' everyday hair shed. Then I started to notice that it was coming out heavily when I would run my fingers through it or brushed it. It even started to feel different in it's texture. I still thought maybe it could be adjusting to the new water here in Maine or that it must be stress.  Well, it's not the water and it's not stress. Upon research I found out that this issue is called Postpartum Hair Loss and it's right on time.  My hormones are starting to normalized after having Anderson and this is the result of that hormonal shift. This usually happens to about 30% of women 3-4 months after giving birth. I didn't have this issue with Damien or Amar'e that I can remember and that is why I had no idea what was happening.

 I've been shedding hair for almost a month now and I am hoping it will slow down soon because I feel like I'm gonna lose all of my hair and be bald. I keep asking Andrew if I have bald spots that I can't see. He reassures me I don't but when I see the amount of hair that I pull out of my brush, I get a bit worried. I wonder what I would look like with no hair? Maybe I could pull off a do like Amber Rose?

Has this happened to anyone reading here? How long did it last for you?

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  1. This totally happened to me too. I don't remember how much it lasted but I took iron supplements and that helped a lot.

    1. I am gonna give that a try! Thanks Krysta! xoxo

  2. It happened to me too.. I got so worried and I thought I have terminal disease,but I also made a research and yes I found the same answer.


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