Potty Training.....Take Two

It's been a couple months since we have started to whole process of potty training and we haven't made too much headway. Since November, Amar'e has went from running away from her potty to sitting on it calmly. Our new approach is to let her run around with no diaper and hope that she will use the potty if she feels the need to go. This has been only slightly successful. To be honest, this has been  more of a mess then a success. In the few days before we went to Florida she was running around in a diaper and would suddenly stop, pull at it and say "potty". I would immediately run over and sit her on the potty. She would sit there for a few seconds, stand up and say "done". I would be so excited and look to see what she had done, and it was nothing. She would run away laughing. I think this was an excuse for her to get me to take off her diaper so she could run free! Smart kid! Now she has graduated to using her potty as a storage unit for her toys. Every time we are missing the Wii remote, and have looked everywhere for it with no luck, we always check the potty and sure enough we find what we are looking for. Amar'e thinks this is soo funny. I am slightly less amused by this new storage unit.

 As seen in the picture, she still thinks she needs to decorate her potty. She loves to put artwork all over it every chance she gets. Good thing all her makers are washable.

So, for now I am going to keep taking it slowly. I am in no rush, I want her to do it when she is ready. 

 Other uses for the potty:
A great seat to watch a show. Best part, it's mobile.

 Something to take apart and put back together.

 Perfect to stand on and jump off of!

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  1. Hahaha this is so funny! I'm laughing now, but I won't when I'll have to come through this with Nereus...

    Seeing Amar'e wearing the bib I created makes me so happy!

    1. Hehehe....I look forward to seeing you share your experience of potty training Nereus. It will be fun! We love that bib! It's the only one she doesn't pull off and throw! It's neatly hung on her highchair to be used at each meal! ♥



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