Potty Training...Take One

With Amar'e being 19 months old, Andrew and I have been thinking about starting to potty train her. I have to admit I still remember potty training Damien and I was expecting it to be just as easy. Yes, I said easy. For whatever reason Damien was an extremely easy baby and toddler. He was sleeping through the night in his own crib at eight weeks old, potty training was extremely easy, and he always went with the flow. I find that Amar'e is a different story. Last Wednesday, for the first time ever, Amar'e slept through the night in her own bed. It was amazing! I had a great amount of energy the next day because I wasn't woken up ten times by her to nurse or because she is flipping around restless in her sleep. For the most part, my children have been two totally different experiences. Maybe Damien somehow knew he had an extremely young mother and it would be easier for both of us to just go with the flow. Anyway, Amar'e is not so thrilled with this idea. At first I would sit her on the potty after a diaper change and she was fine with it. Now, she hates it. I am no longer able to get her anywhere near it. I'll ask her if she wants to try the potty again and this prompts her to yell and run over and kick it and say "NO"! Well, that answers that question. This is not going to be easy! Some people say that potty training is the worst. But, from my experience it was extremely easy, until now. So I am thinking that we will give it a couple months and see what her thoughts are about the potty then. But for now, this is what Amar'e thinks of her potty:

She thinks this is hilarious! Oh, so funny!

Does anyone have a tips or ticks to make this process go smoothly. As you know, we are into gentle parenting and want this process to be enjoyable for all parties. Feel free to leave a comment with inspirational tips! In the mean time, I am going to do some research.

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  1. Potty training has been my least favorite part of parenting, so far. It's crazy how different two kids can be. My girls are identical twins, and still managed to be completely different! We started around 22 months, or so and took it very slow. We picked things up, more seriously, around 25 months. Here we are now, at 2 1/2, and my gals still have accidents. Good luck to you! And good for you, for following your daughter's lead, and taking a step back, when she didn't like it. That's a hard thing to do (we did it twice).

    1. Interesting that you girls are identical twins, and yet they are completely different. Do you have to use different parenting strategies with them? I am personally fascinated by twins. My husband is a twin and there was a time where I would ask him multiple questions about this connections he had with his twin brother. Thanks for sharing your experience with potty training with me. I found great comfort and inspiration in it...♥

  2. Your daughter's face is the cutest!!


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