No Such Thing as Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, or Easter Bunny.

** This is not meant to insult anyone, this is just my opinion after observations and deep thought. Please read this with an open mind and open heart. It means well, not harm.**

The holiday season is among us and I wanted to share a few thoughts.There is no such thing as Santa Clause. What!!? What do you mean!? This is the exact words I heard when Damien found out that there is no such thing as Santa. Andrew and I have decided to not incorporate certain beliesf into our holidays, tooth losing, or Easter Happenings (still window shopping for religion). Just like meat, we are going to leave it out. I know at first this sounds cruel. I think it is bizarre teaching children not to talk to strangers, and yet we encourage them to sit on a strangers lap to tell them what they want for Christmas. This morning on the radio, the host was saying that most first encounters with Santa Clause are scary and not handled well. He felt like his parents were handing him over to some outter space alien. I couldn't imagine just handing my child over to a perfect stranger and expecting them (my child) to be comfortable with it. So why do we expect them to be comfortable with a large man in a red suit in late December? To me this is even more frightening. Totally unintentional I am sure. I think that most parents don't even give it thought because that is what they were taught and this is to be expected. I understand this.

Gift giving is strange to me as well. Why is it a secret that we give our loved one (children) gifts for Christmas. Why do we tell the ones we love that most of these gifts are from Santa Clause. Please don't think that I am trying to take away imagination or being a negative nancy, I am only trying to understand why we lie to our children until they are old enough to understand that Santa is not real. Most children don't take this realization well. We also teach our children not to lie, and yet we turn around and lie to them for years. I will admit when Damien found out there was no Santa he was a bit upset. Really a crushing moment. I think of that and don't want Amar'e or any future children to have this experience. Once again, this is not meant to insult anyone. This is just my opinion and our way of doing things. I don't think that teaching your child about Santa makes you a bad parent, not at all. I just don't want to do it. Of course Santa is everywhere during the holiday season and I can't get away from that, so what I'll do is let Amar'e know that this is a fairy tale told for many years to children. It's not bad, it's fun, but not real, a tale.. I don't think we will do the whole Tooth Fairy, or Easter Bunny (still window shopping for religion) thing either. I'll have to give that a little more thought. I am sure we can come up with some other creative ways to have fun with these things.

**This is not meant to insult anyone, this is my opinion after observation and deep thought. It means well, not harm.**

Does anyone have any suggestions on Tooth fairy alternatives? Easter Bunny alternatives?

I found this horrible Santa Experience here. I'm sure that this happens more often then we think. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I completely agree with this! Having been raised in a religion that did not believe in Santa, I found it so strange that parents lied to there kids about this. I have often wondered the same thing...as to how you eliminate santa without destroying the spirit of christmas for your little ones. It also makes it tough when your kid is the one spilling the beans to all his/her friends that santa isnt real....(I was THAT kid...whoops)Remind me to show you an incredible letter I found in another blog that a mom wrote to her daughter when she asked if santa was real! its fantastic.

    love you guys and looking forward to spending the holiday with you <3 Stac&Ry

    1. Thanks for the great response and support! I am glad you can see where I am coming from. I can't wait to see that letter. Looking forward to spending the holidays with you guys too! ♥

  2. LOL! Dez you remind me so much of me in certain things while I was bringing up Alexander... I did the same thing, felt the same way about Santa, big E bunny and toothy character. When you get a chance ask him how it affected him...it DIDN'T. What he learned is that I did not build him up for disappointment when he would of found out these are mythical characters. I agree totally and never could understand why this was so important to parents to go through this charade. You know there are lots of fun characters kids adore but they know they are just characters... we focused on the Disney characters...as you know...since they are in our back yard :o). We had all kinds of fantasy we had fun with and the nice thing is we knew it was fantasy but still so much fun! We get to see how little Amare takes that all in pretty soon...so psyched!! Muah! love you!

    1. Are you serious! This is too funny! Are you sure your not my mother instead of my aunt? Thanks for the great response and support! It will be interesting to see her reactions to all of the magic! We are beyond psyched! Cant wait! Love ya too!


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