Thank you Boba!

When I was about 4 months pregnant with Amar'e, Andrew and I were in North Conway village at the Belly to Belly Boutique. This boutique is a sort of consignment shop for maternity clothes and other baby/mama things. I knew I wanted a carrier for the baby, but didn't do much research about the best one. I had seen the Boba brand once in my baby magazines and it caught my eye because of the colors (green  and brown) and because it was made from organic materials. (Andrew and I tried to find out the sex of the baby, but weren't able to. So we embraced this surprise. So I decided that everything will be earthy colors like green and brown. I thought this would be gender neutral. )So after being in this shop for about 10 seconds, I saw the Boba carrier and rushed over to it. I was overjoyed that they had them. I wasn't expecting this to happen. I went to this shop with no expectations at all. The shop owner saw my interest in the Boba and proceeded to show me her's. It was great that I got to see and feel one before making this pricey purchase. She even gave me a demonstration with her little one, whom she had with her. I was a little nervous to watch her do it with her baby, but I was surprised how effortlessly she got her strapped in. I was sooo impressed and purchased one right there. I can't even begin to tell you how this purchase has transformed my life! While she was little I wore her on the front, once she hit 15 lbs, she went on the back. I wouldn't be able to clean, blog, shop, hike, or go to the library without my Boba. So thank you Boba! Muah! We love you! I totally recommend any pregnant ladies, and mamas that have children under 45 lbs go out there and get yourselves one, or put it on the registry. You will not regret it!

It comes with a removable sleeping hood for when your little one falls asleep; you can keep their head from bobbing all over the place.

 Hiking Pine Mountain
She loved it up until the last 20 minutes or so. She wanted to come back to me. So I took her down the rest of the way. Great workout!

Next Spring/Summer Andrew and I will be in the market for a hiking pack for Amar'e. Does anyone have any suggestions for us?

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  1. I have never heard of this brand, but we have an Ergo which looks very similar. I LOVE the style and it has lasted through my two younger boys... though my 3-year-old still asks me to carry him on my back, I think he is a bit too big for it now! He is like, half the size of my body, hanging down! Your little girl is absolutely beautiful!

    1. I heard Ergos were great too! I love baby/toddler wearing! I hope that when Amar'e is three I can still carry her around on my back! It will most likely look like what you said, half the size of my body, hanging down. I'm only 5'1". She is almost there now at 20 months. ;) Thank you so much!


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