Library Time

We have been having fun with our library books lately. We have gotten better at getting our books back on time. We go to the library every other Tuesday. It used to be on Friday's because they had story time. This is a great time for Amar'e and I to go and listen to a nice lady read to a group of children. I do plan on trying to get back to Friday as our library day. This means we will either plan to keep the books out later or bringing them back earlier. It is worth it to be able to get Amar'e to participate in story time. When we were going earlier in the year, she was the youngest child there. Everyone commended me on starting her on books so young. I am pretty proud that we have been able to keep up with the library visits. I am still ready Bringing up Bebe. I only have 50 pages left, and I want to finish it before Tuesday. I seriously recommend this book to any mothers out there interested in how other countries treat child rearing, and how other places do things differently. Example of this would be government subsidized child care for everyone. Super interesting! Love it very much! Anyway, here are Amar'e picks the last time we went to the library:

I am always looking for interesting new books for Amar'e. So if anyone has any good suggestions, please sent them our way via comment below!

Happy reading my friends!

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