Two Years Of Marriage....Cotton

January 28th makes two years of marriage for Andrew and I. This would make it our Cotton year according to About dot com. We haven't done anything special to celebrate this anniversary as of now. We didn't mean to bypass this special date, but with school and work schedules conflicting constantly, we will probably do something in the spring or summer to celebrate. I am sure most people would celebrate with gifts, card, flowers, etc. For us, we would rather hike a mountain with the kids to celebrate this special event. I think this would be our best option for a few reasons.  It is physically challenging, it is mentally freeing, it is fulfilling, and it's mostly free! We also would love to take a trip to Canada, to Montreal, this summer. Maybe that would be a good way to celebrate. Either way, we have plenty of time to plan this out.  

Andrew and I have been together for many many years, so for us marriage wasn't a huge adjustment. I am not saying we don't act like a married couple, we do. We definitely have our days. We have our little disagreements and fights. Nothing that last more than a day or two and usually quarrels are over ridiculous things. Andrew and I have a lot of big dreams for our future together and are eagerly working towards these goals. We are a good team when it comes to the house and family. Overall, this is somethings that both of have fought extremely hard to be part of. Our long story is no fairy tale, but it is our story.

I love you Andrew! Looking forward to many more years of , love, laughter, food and family together♥

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  1. So happy for you guys! I love the hiking idea, I would choose something similar, too!

    ps. Your teeth are amazing!!! Seems like you never have smoked or had coffee/tee! Amazing!

    I'm also happy for your position on top baby blogs! Congrats! You know I'm voting for you whenever I see this button on your posts and when I have 1 extra minute of free time to visit your blog for no apparent reason (just to vote)!

    1. Thanks so much! I find it funny that I will get comments on my teeth when I wear make-up. So, with that said, I believe it is the make up that makes my teeth stand out! Heheheh. Also, I drink coffee and tea like it's my job! I couldn't survive the day without it. I am sure you can relate.

      Thanks for voting for us! We appreciate it sooo much! Like you, I really want to be an enrapturing woman, and hopefully top baby blogs will help me start that dream! But let talk about you! You are on the first page! Well done my dear! You are amazing! I vote for you everyday!

  2. Congrats u 2! Beautiful couple beautiful family!!!

    love you all!

    Awwnee San


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