A {tiny} peek inside my home

I wanted to share a very tiny peek inside my home. I absolutely love when bloggers do home tours and peeks inside their homes, so I figured I would do the same. Here are only a few of my favorite things inside this home of mine. If I can de-clutter and organize properly, maybe one day I will do a full home tour. Until then....

 Fun random finds: Sea shells, face incense burner, magic rocks, good-luck owl.

 The bookcase. It is rare for it to look this nice. It only lasted about 45 seconds until Amar'e noticed.

 Herb garden on the table.

 Photo wall.

 Looking out the window over the sink. Where I spend most of my time washing dishes.

 More random goodness. I love anything with mushrooms on it, and it's even better because it's thrifted.

 Amare's dresser. This was our first project. If was red when we got it, and we re-painted it before Amar'e was born. 

 Pray flags from Nepal. They hang over our bed.

 Floor to ceiling stone fireplace anyone? We dont use it, but it looks very nice.

The reasons this house doesn't stay clean. Amar'e doesn't help either, but her cuteness buys her a ticket out of blame.

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  1. Oh you have a nice home!!! The herbs, the bookcase, the fireplace...everything's so beautiful!

    1. Thanks girl! When I can get it in order, I will share more of it! :)

  2. wow everything looks very much in order in that home...i love it. your photos are very artistic Dez.
    gotta love that snowy view...
    awwnee san


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