Introducing Amar'e (Ah-Mar-E) Florence-Mae

 This is Amar'e Florence-Mae!! She has amazed us in so many ways since the day she was born.

***Amar'e is 15 months old in these photos***


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! So adorable! I really wish I could meet and see that little face in real life :)You make beautiful babies, Desiree :)

  2. I am soo happy you are able to see us now that I have this blog!! Thank you so so so much Sasha!! You make beautiful babies as well! Soon I will post a picture of all of us, and you'll get to see what I look like. Just haven't got a good one yet. :)

    It would be just a joy to see Danya and Amar'e meet each other!


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