A look at our day

Yesterday was Andrew's day off. I worked 7 a.m. to noon, as I do every Monday through Friday. We were very undecided as to what we wanted to do. We threw around going on a hike, going to Durand Pond-Ravine House Pool (post on a trip there coming soon), going to Grey, Maine to a wildlife park, going to Santa's Village. Well, we ended up trying to take a walk in the woods behind our house, picking some raspberries in our backyard, and taking a trip to Littleton to the food co-op. By far the most interesting part of our day was the walk we attempted. I wish I could call it a hike, but it is everything short of a paved road through the woods. But anyway, we started out normal and everything was going well until we heard this very loud "meowing" behind us. Our cat Daegan had followed us the entire way to the beginning of the woods and beyond. He stalked us up the path and every time we got too far away from him he would let out this extremely loud moan/meow. We thought that maybe something was wrong, but there was nothing wrong.He just wanted us to go back home. I have never seen this type of behavior out of him or any cat. He usually follows us some of the way, but never as far as he did yesterday. So needless to say, this cut our walk with the trees short. Bummer! When we got everyone back home, we decided to have a snack; and what kind of snack is better than fresh picked raspberries. Yummy. Then we were off to Littleton. What a great day!
(click picture to enlarge)

Turning around
View from the top
Amar'e is wondering what we are doing back home so soon. "what is this?"
"Oh my goodness!?!"

Fresh picked backyard raspberries

This is what it would look like if you were the next raspberry in line.
The beginning of our trip to the Co-op.
Pretty clouds
Hand of Big D
Littleton Co-op: First time there and it was a great success. We got organic broccoli, Vermont grown cherry tomatoes, nutritional yeast in bulk, vegan ice cream! Can't believe they had veganaise (vegan mayo), vegan cream cheese, and much much more. We will be making regular trips from now on.
On the way home...

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