Teaching Myself To Craft: Crochet

Over the summer my mother-in-law gave me some crochet hooks that have been, until last week, sitting on my craft/sewing table. I truly hope that in the future I can have an entire room devoted to my crafting projects, but for now it will remain a table. I had never crocheted before and I finally got around to looking into it. I got the needles out of the pouch they came in, grabbed my yarn I had picked up, and sat at my computer. I went to YouTube and typed in "how to crochet for beginners" and found a video that taught crocheting step by step. I watched it a few times without attempting anything . After that, I picked up my needle and yarn and went at it. At first it was a disaster and totally frustrating. I worked on my technique for about 45 minutes before giving up and thinking I will go back to this later. The next day I gave it another shot and I was better then the day before, so I continued until one of my children put an end to it. On my third day I was more confident in my abilities. I was able to make some progress, and was more understanding of the concept. As of today, I am on my second dish cloth and feeling really good about it. I want to learn more and create more wonderful things. Here is what my first two projects look like:

 (The green tree looking thing was my very first crochet creation. I learned that keeping count of the number of stitches is essential.)

 During the summer Amar'e received the most wonderful gift. At the time I had no idea what kind of work went into creating such a beautiful hat. Don't get me wrong, when I got the call that there was a handmade hat waiting to be picked up, I was over the moon. But now that I have taught myself how to crochet, this hat blows me away. I now have a whole new appreciation for it. It is almost like receiving it all over again! We can not be more appreciative of this wonderful gift! This is Amar'e wearing the wonderful gift of which I speak:

A special thanks to the creator of this wonderful hat (BL).... You know who you are! :)

For now I am going to keep at it and I know that practice makes perfect!

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  1. Nice! Crocheting is something I've never tried. Still trying to finish those scarves I've been knitting for 3 years haha...

    1. Thanks! Knitting is something I've never tried. I would love to make that my next adventure in crafting. I recently watched someone do it and I was amazed! I cant wait to see those scarves once you are done knitting them! Please do share :)


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