The Universe Delivered Again

The universe delivered again and this time the universe had a name, Auntie Kim (who is also Amare's godmother).  Andrew and I were going through Amare's clothes and came to the conclusion that she will be in need of some new duds (mostly shirts, this foodie baby doesn't like wearing bibs). We usually have to do all the clothes shopping out of town because we have no clothing stores locally, and this means we have to make a whole day of it. We planned on doing a trip to North Conway to get Amare's birth certificate and we were going to pick her up a few things then. But, yesterday morning I received a text from Auntie Kim and it read : "Goood morning! What size did you say Mar is wearing? I'm hauling out my attic today, so I'll get a tote ready for you!" We were so excited to hear this! Now, we won't have to go out and spend $ on clothes for Amar'e. I love hand-me-downs. Especially for the little one. It makes all the sense in the world to pass on things versus tossing them. It's a huge help. This would not be the first time we received a load of baby clothes for Amar'e from Auntie Kim. To be honest, between Auntie Kim, Auntie Stacie (future sister-in-law), my mother-in-law, gifts from friends and family, two wonderful baby showers, we have only purchased a few sets of PJ's, sneakers, and her Halloween attire. This has been extremely awesome! Children's clothes are very expensive. We can't be more grateful for this. The universe has been really good to this family lately.

Thank you Auntie Kim, and anyone who has given our little Amar'e any type of gift. I am sure I've said thank you a millions times, (kind of a problem of mine) but I can never say it enough...

Thank you!!!

Thank you Universe!

♥ Desiree

Couldn't be more excited.

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  1. We have been blessed with having people giving us their children's old clothes, too. I can't believe there are people who toss totally functional stuff, while others don't even have to eat...it's sad...

    1. I totally agree with you. It is sad. We live in a wasteful world. That is why we try to live the change we want to see in the world. We thank you for doing the same! ♥


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