Mama Earth Project~A Photo A Day In March {Green}

This one was a tiny bit difficult because during this time of year nothing is green around these parts. Except this:

I've always liked the idea of indoor plants, but I've been really unsuccessful in being able to keep any I've had alive and well. This plant is special because it is older than I am with it being about 30 years old. It belonged to Andrew's grandparents, and was left in the house they once lived in (in which we now reside) after they passed away. This plant came into my possession about three years ago, and I had no clue how to take care of it. I would water it everyday and it started to fail. I stopped watering it for a while and forgot to go back and water it and it started to fail. It took me about two years to learn the property routine/balance of care that this plant needs and now it's been working really well for both of us. I hope this lovely plant will be with this family for a very long time. I will teach the kids how to care for it and one day pass it down to them.

A few more green pictures of our lovely green plant:

Can anyone tell me what type of plant this is?

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  1. It's a pothos! It's a beautiful plant and what a nice story behind it...

    1. Thank you so much Krysta...I've been trying to figure it out for a while now!!!!

  2. Super cool that you have such a story to tell with that plant. I miss having houseplants, but my cats will dig in any soil they can get their paws in, and they will munch on anything even remotely green.

    1. My cats also like to chew! They will sometimes chew on the herb plants on the table. I am glad that I have this plant out of reach of everyone because after Krysta told me what it was I looked it up and found out it is poisonous! It can make people/animals sick if ingested.


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