Mama Earth Project~A Photo A Day In March {Earth}

Day 25: Earth

This is not to be confused with bird's eye. This is what the earth looks likes all around us. The snow is slowly melting away to reveal the beauty that lies underneath. This theme is also extremely fitting for my actions today. As I was cruising some of my favorite vegan blogs, I found a resource page on one of them of great books, movies, and other vegan blogs. The film at the top of the movie list was Earthlings. I've heard of this film, but have not checked it out yet. Feeling I've seen enough to never consume animals again, I didn't have the desire to watch it. But, something inside of me told me I needed to see it. Knowing that I might react in the same manner as I did when I saw a few other shorter films about the subject (which was a bit of a breakdown), I was really hesitant despite that little voice urging me on. Finally, palms sweating, heart racing, I hit the play button. I can honestly say I am forever changed. Much more moved, aware, heart broken, and shocked. I knew it was bad, but seeing it in this unbiased manner made it even more real. I truly believe that if someone chooses to consume animals, they should be fully informed on what that entails. I encourage you to do your own research on where your food/clothing/entertainment is coming from. Yes, it is a personal choice, but when that choice impacts the Earth that we all share, then it become a little more personal. These are not isolated cases, this is real life of all animals across the globe, everywhere, all the time.  As far as we know there is only one Earth. One sacred place where life flourishes for living beings, and yet humans choose to make this hell on earth for some. Why?

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In other new, I am over the moon to announce that I have my very first sponsor! It is Krysta from fairytalecomesalive! Please fly on over to her blog and leave her, and her adorable son, some love! Thanks so much Krysta, happy to have you on board! 


  1. Desiree I loved this post! Earthling was one of the first movies I saw when I started getting informed about animal rights. Truly socking. I have found out that in order to keep being vegan, I have to watch/hear/read terrible stories often. I forget too easily. I'm so glad to be your sponsor! Yay!

    1. Thanks girl!! I am the same way about having to watch/hear/read terrible things. It does help to keep the objective in mind! We are so happy to have you on board!


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