I Opened An Etsy Shop

I opened an Etsy shop! I'm so excited to have an online shop up and running. You can click the button on my sidebar to get there from here!  As of right now I only have five items listed, but I have more to come. I have big dreams for this shop. Help me get the word out there if you can. Know anyone who is looking for a handmade/crocheted baby blanket? Send them my way! These blanket make the perfect gift as well! ShopOfDreamz offers beautiful, breathable, one-of-a-kind blankets for your precious bundle of joy!

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  1. Congrats on the Shop of Dreamz!!! I'm excited you got this going...yay!

    Your tummy looks so adorable...
    Awnee San

  2. Wow...I'm so excited for you! I have opened an etsy shop too but then I had no time for it...anyways I love your products and I wish that one of my friends gets pregnant so I can buy her a little handmade blanket!

    1. Thanks Krysta! For some reason I didnt know you opened an Etsy shop! I checked it out and I love your stuff! i plan on getting a bib for this next little one coming in October! Good stuff! :)


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