A Farm Stand, Horses, And A Strange Obsession

The other day was beautiful, so Andrew and I decdied to take Amar'e to our favorite place, the Shelburne Park. Well, our plans got a little distorted because Amar'e fell asleep on the way to the park.  We decided not to wake her, so we took a nice ride to Maine. On the way we stopped at a Farm stand and got some yummy goodies like Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Corn. Seriously, the best tasting Cukes, Toms, and Corn yet this year. Now, I'm born in raised in this area and I'm still blown away that the honor system still exists. This makes me feel that there is still some good in this world. There was no one at the farm stand, just a scale, lots of wonderful veggies, some horses, and a container to leave your money in. Yah, I've seen this before but this time I really thought about it. It makes me smile that there are people out there that still have trust in others. Well, why wouldn't they? Who in their right mind would steal vegetables? You would have to be crazy.....or starving (if that is the case I understand)....or downright not a good person. Anyway, there happened to be a couple of small horses there as well. Fun fact about me is that I am slightly frightened of horses. These horses weren't that big so they were less frightening to me. But the horse that is one farm over is HUGE! I love how beautiful they are, but they frighten me with their size and strength. This time the huge horse only peeked his head out to see what we were doing unlike the last time, when he came out into the field and stared us down. After getting our veggies and hanging with the horses, we took a ride on a back road to Maine. I've done this more times than I can count, but we never get tired of it for some reason. Now, here comes my strange obsession part....The reason I love this ride so much is because it has a few really old cemeteries on it. Yes, I have a strange obsession with old cemeteries. Now, dont get this confused with an obsession with death....not even close. Death is something that scares me but old cemeteries I feel drawn to. I love the creepiness of them, the old headstones, the creepy looking fences that surround them. Strange, yes I know, but I can't help it. I've probably visited these old cemeteries more than a dozen times each. I do it more often in the month of October....fall in Northern NH is unbelievably beautiful and the foliage is breath taking, especially driving down North Road in Shelburne.  I can't put it into words as well as I'd like but it feels like home when it's peak foliage out, drinking vanilla chi, listening to my Practical Magic soundtrack (super super lame I know), and driving down North Road. I look forward to these days coming soon. Until then.....we will enjoy what's left of our northern New England Summer.

Dr. Seuss Trees??


  1. oh my how nostalgic are these photos....you are so right in saying that late summer and autumn are the best times and it's a very magical time in northern new england... I absolutely love that little farm and all those YUMMY veggies...oh those tomatos!! My mouth is watering just looking at those fab photos (and fab they are btw), your photography efforts are paying off...you have a true eye for photography! Thanks for giving us a peek into the wonderful natural offerings of rural Maine...

    Awnee San

  2. oh and btw love the dr seuss tree LOL!!

    Awnee San


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