Anderson Ryan-Alexander {5 months}

Anderson has transformed from a squashy little baby blob to a social squashy baby blob. We have long baby conversations that include lots of screams and screeches. Oh, and don't forget the drool, lots of drool in there too! His nickname is tonka tank because he weights 21 pounds. Yes, he has tripled his birth weight at 5 months this usually takes place at around one year. In fact we had friends over recently who have a 13 month old and both him and Anderson are in the same size diapers and are within a few pounds of each other.  It's pretty much a work out carrying him around all day. Yes, he still won't allow me to put him down for longer than a 10 minutes span. If my grandmother were to see this she would say "you are spoiling that baby!"….It make me smile every time I think of this.

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1 comment:

  1. awww little anderson is growing so fast! on the adorable scale he is off the charts...little healthy tonka chunk LOL!! Yes Grammy would certainly be saying that wouldn't she...and by God's grace she may say it to you again on your next visit!! Looks like he's finally getting lots of hair too!!
    much love to you all!!

    awnee san


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