Follow Me and Weekend Update

I know this blog of mine is extremely new but I wanted to let any potential readers know that I've added a "Follow Me" gadget to my blog. This is located at the top of the right side bar. Just submit your email address and it will make is a whole lot easier to follow DoingitDezyStyle. You will get an email every time I have a new post! How much fun is that!

Weekend update:
Damien went to mems and peps house to play with his friends there.

Andrew is at work til 6ish, then heading to OOB to play a show at the beach. Ooops, I forgot to mention that Andrew is a professional guitarist for the band Duke.

Amar'e and I are trying to beat the heat by staying inside where it's cooler. Current outside temp: 90 degrees, current inside temp: 72 degrees.

Tomorrow we planning a family outing to do something fun! Look forward to that post during this upcoming week!

 Have a great weekend!!!

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