Santa's Village

Over the weekend we went to Santa's Village. Santa's Village is only 30 minutes from us so it makes it ever so convenient to get to. This would be Amare's very first visit while it was Damien's 8th. It was extremely busy but we made the best of it. There were new attractions since our last visit, which was early in my pregnancy for Amar'e, about two year ago. The weather started out to be great and then at about 3:30 the clouds rolled in and brought rain, thunder, and some lightening. Needless to say this ended our fun day at Santa's Village. We weren't able to get a rain check because we waited out the downpour and this put us in the park for a little more than four hours. The policy is four hours or less. We missed it by 20 minutes! Bummer. I plan on emailing them later on today to see if they can make an exception for us. Here is look at our visit:

                                                                            (click picture to enlarge)

Andrew and I in the mirror in the nursing room. Yes, they offer multiple rooms exclusively for nursing mothers and their babies. These rooms had a changing table, sink, microwave, and rocking chairs! Can you say kick ass?!?!!!!
Nursing Room!!!
My lovely little lady and myself.
Feeding Reindeer.( I don't support animals being in captivity for any reason except rehabilitation)
Family shot!
That statue in the middle looks an awful lot like Damien. Hmmm....
That statue leading that camel looks an awful lot like Damien too. Hmmm..

This wonderful gentleman made Damien and I rings from nails, as you can see above and below.
Ring made from a nail.
5'3" is too tall for a 10-year-old! I am only 5'1.25"!
Damien loving the roller coaster.

Driving the old cars! Damien was a great driver by the way.


  1. Looks like a great day! So happy to have this to keep up with you guys :) Miss you all!

  2. Looks like a great day! So happy to have this to keep up with you guys :) Miss you all!


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