Life is crazy update

Life around these parts has been crazy busy lately. We've had schedule changes due to Andrew starting a new job, addiction to Lost, more dishes and laundry than normal. It has thrown my routine, and everything else, right off. Yes, the addiction to Lost is totally my fault and I will admit that first. We have Netflix (getting Netflix wasn't my idea, Andrew and Damien insisted on it, and I haven't really  used it much until now. I was perfectly happy with not having cable or Netflix, but I obviously lost 2-1)and I have been marathon watching these last couple of days. Sometimes I feel guilty about this and sometimes I don't. Things are going to get a little more interesting because this is Damien's last week of park program and he will be home in the morning instead of being at a pool/park/field with his peers.Although things have been different and busy, I have cooked more meals for the family (hence, the increased amount of dishes)so that is a plus. My ultimate goal is cook every meal but I am not here for breakfast and I don't see that changing, but it's still my goal. I am home for lunch and dinner. When I don't feel like cooking I usually make pasta (which I don't consider cooking). Another big change for me is that I have started going to gym again. I haven't hit the gym in years. Before Amar'e I was small (underweight) but not in shape or fit. Now my goal is be fit. I have been doing this at 5:30 a.m. before I go to work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This is working out great! I am seeing results and I feel great about it. The best part is that I can go to the gym and it doesn't take me away from the family, because when I go the rest of family is still sleeping. Win-Win! My goal for this upcoming week is to blog more, read more, watch Lost less, try to convince Damien to read more, and keep up the gym routine. Here are a few pictures of what this all looks like:
 Library time
 Deep in thought about basketball.
This is Daycee, our boxer playing frisbee

 For some reason Amar'e thinks that I can take pictures of her while holding her. This is her reaching for the photographer.
 Playing at the park
Random picture of Damien's Cheerio person

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