Teaching Myself to Craft: Highchair

I want to share something that I am extremely proud of. Something that took a lot of time and effort. Something for my daughter made by her mother. I have to admit it upfront though, I didn't come up with the idea, but when I saw it I knew I had to do it. I got the idea from my favorite blogger Drea of ohdeardrea. Awesome mama of super cute Marlowe. So I was cruising around in her blog one day and happen to go to her home tour tab where she had a picture of this awesome highchair and cushion. She mentioned that she made both of them. Right then and there something inside me clicked, and I knew I wanted had to make one for Amar'e. So I did. I went to the local thrift shop and searched and searched and finally found an awesome 25 year-old high chair for $5. Score!! (I actually found three and I picked the strongest one) I took it home and started to sand it down. Andrew and I sanded our little hearts out for about four days. We tighten up the dowels before moving on to the painting. The color was inspired from a toy Amar'e got for Easter. The real challenge was that I had never used a sewing machine before (expect for in home-ec), but I was determined to learn how, in order to make her a cushion. I got a machine and cruised the web for ideas of cushions patterns and found one that I liked. I also fell in love with the pattern fabric and I ordered it right away. The cushion material is extra special because it is laminated cotton. Super easy to keep clean because it is wipeable. Score!! So here is what the chair looked like before I started my project:
(I accidental deleted the real pictures I took of the chair before the start of the project. This one is from Google Images)
 Above is the finished highchair in need of a custom cushion to be complete.
 Custom cushion making.

Cushion complete!! I was so extremely happy about how this project turned out. I am so proud of myself. Of course I have to give some a lot of credit to Andrew for so much help with sanding, tightening, priming, and painting. Damien was also a HUGE help by keeping Amar'e busy during painting sessions.  

 Amar'e enjoying her new highchair
 Little copycat!
 This is the toy that inspired the color for the chair.
 With the extra material that was left over from the cushion I plan on making a bib for Amar'e.

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