A Sudden Name Change

Suddenly, I wanted to change the name of my blog before I get followers. Yes, I am hoping to build a community with this blog. I liked DoingItDezyStyle,but I've had the urge to change it for some time now, and I have been throwing around other possible names to Andrew including View From the Top, and A Peek Inside, but Perfect Imperfections tops the list over the others to me. Perfect Imperfections mean that our life is not perfect, just like everyone else, but these imperfections are perfect to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This blog represents our family's adventure of life and I think Perfect Imperfections sums it up pretty well.

***Using the same URL as DoingItDezyStyle.blogspot.com will get you to Perfect Imperfections. Do not do this: Perfect Imperfections.blogspot.com. This will not get you to my blog. ***

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