We Went to Maine Again!

Yes, that right we took another trip to Maine. This time we went to a Fair, went to the Beach (Mar's first time at the beach), saw a Duke show, got my nails done, and hit the saltwater pool again thanks to a wonderful friend. It was a wonderful trip, besides the fact that Mar cried the entire ride home (approximately two hours). Suddenly, she hates car rides . She would normally sleep in the car now she just cries, whines, and fusses 99% of the time. It's miserable for everyone(including her) when she does this. I guess we are going to have to tire her out before we go on a trip. Here is what our second trip to Maine looked like:
 Having fun at the Topsham Fair.
 Fair rides.

 Yummy french fries.

 Beach fun. Digging holes.
Mom: "Damien, please don't bury your sister"
Damien: "I just want to bury her up to her neck. It will be fun!"
Mom: "Um, I don't think so Damien. Please don't bury your sister."
Damien: Come on mom, it will be fun."
Mom: "No way!"
Such a silly boy.

 Loving the ocean.
 I forgot Mar's bottoms at Ry and Stacie's place. Mom fail #245.
 Two's gourmet lunch
 What kind of face is that Andrew?
 Picture taken from my seat at the outdoor restaurant. So amazing.
 Who falls asleep at a saltwater pool?
 She does.

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