Teaching myself to craft: felt veggies

I love handmade items and have envied people who are talented enough to create such wonderful things for their children and family. One day I decided that Amar'e was in need of some homemade goodness, and thought that felt veggies would be fun for both of us. Fun for me to make, and fun for her to play with. I bought a pattern from Esty and got to work. When I was through I was so amazed and proud that I hand stitched her felt veggies. These veggies have come in handy while I am trying to make dinner and she wants to do what I'm doing. She makes great soup with them in which she sips on and says "mmmmmmmm". Such a cute thing to watch. I definitely want to encourage the kids to cook good food for themselves and their future families, so I guess this is start for her. As for Damien is he old enough to help with the food preparation, in which he does sometimes. I wish he would help more often, but I am working on that.


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