Last Official Weekend Of Summer....Continuation of "The Summer Is Over For Some Of Us"

Is summer really coming to an end? It seems like it just started. We had so many plans for this summer that didn't happen. There are many different reasons that these plans fell through, but either way this is disappointing. Maybe it was bad scheduling, my obsessive need to stay at home and keep it running efficiently (clean), lack of funds, or just plain out laziness and lack of motivation. We wanted to hike a lot more than we did, we also wanted to hit up Whales Tale, take more walks, visit the Shelburne park, walk up the trail behind our house many more times than what we did, visit Durant Pond many more times than what we did. So sad these things didn't happen, but there is always next year. I might even schedule next summer in advance to ensure that things that we want to do get done. Amar'e will be two and a half next summer, and this age might be more adventure friendly for all of us. I am not sad that Fall is here because Fall is my favorite time of year. But Fall is not as adventure friendly like summer is. I plan on more walks, wonderful fall foliage pictures, a few visits to the Shelburne park, watching Damien's soccer games, more apple picking, Halloween, decorating for Halloween, trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, and vegan vanilla chi. If vegan vanilla chi exists, I will find it and enjoy it. Last weekend I feel like we kicked off the start of Fall and the end of summer with an early apple picking adventure and celebrating Andrew's parents 30th wedding anniversary with brunch. Looking forward to many more Fall adventures! Here's what all that looked like!

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