It is really starting to feel like fall around these parts. The leaves on the trees are turning, the days are nice but much cooler than a month ago, the nights are down right COLD, and it's dark when I get up in the morning. I haven't really had the motivation to do things like I was doing them. The season change has affected more than just the season...I am finding it harder and harder to go to the gym in the morning when it's 32 degrees outside and it looks like it's midnight. I find myself needing a nap after I get home from work and overall my motivation level has declined.The hubby is back to school full-time, so we're all trying to get use to our new routines. Hopefully I'll adjust quickly. This past weekend we took another trip to Santa's Village and it was great! We were able to pull this off with a "Rein Check" we recived after I called after our first trip was cut short by a sudden downpour. A post on the trip will be coming up soon but for now I hope this will become a regular feature on this blog of mine. I got the idea from another one of my favorite bloggers named Bekah Joy, and you can check her out here. Her and her wonderful family inspire me! So here is goes:

This is what life looks like for us lately. We have been spending our time between soccer games, taking walks as much as we can, and cooking up some yummy soups and stews.  Foliage around these parts is serious business, and I believe it's my job to capture as much of it as possible. The last couple years the foliage was completely ruined by bad conditions, and this year they are predicting a wonderful foliage season. We are currently at 60%.

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