Neighborly Kindness

Just a few days ago our very nice neighbors gave us garden grown vegetables. I am extremely excited about the spaghetti squash since I've never had it before, and can't wait to make something delicious with it!  Those yellow ball looking things are cucumbers! I have never seen cucumbers that look like this before. They might be yellow and round, far different from long and green, but they taste exactly the same. Amar'e and Damien love them! I even used the zucchini in a rice and bean golash that everyone enjoyed! I am hoping that next year's garden will produce such awesome things. I only grew cucumbers, carrots, onions, and tomatoes. The carrots and cucumber we grew were from seed and I am proud of this. Next year we plan on having more time to tend to the garden and would like to try some different things like spaghetti squash.

This is what I did with the spaghetti squash:

Some butter, green onions, herbs and you have greatness!

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