I'm Finally Done Getting Lost in Lost

Finally, after about three weeks and 5 days, I am done all six seasons of Lost. Yes, I have watched six years worth of episodes, 120 to be exact, in a little under a month. This has consumed me entirely to say the least. I guess they have coined a name for this type of behavior, they call it "binge viewing". I didn't mean for it to happen this way when I checked out the first episode, but it was out of my control. I was aimlessly browsing for a quick movie to watch while I nursed Amar'e to sleep and I came across Lost.  I remember hearing things here and there about the show in the past and at that time we didn't have cable, so I couldn't jump in on the obsession with the rest of the world (which I am glad about because I wouldn't of been able to go a week between episodes, I mean I sometimes had a hard time going a few hours).  Before the first episode was through, I was hooked, and only had one goal in mind: finish what I started. So that is what I did. I feel a sense of accomplishment for some odd reason, even through I didn't really accomplish anything other than throwing everyone off their routines, letting housework pile up, and neglecting blogging and catching up on my blogs. I do have to say I am glad it is over.

Now that it's over, lets review some of my favorites...
  • My favorite female character was Kate, sometimes Claire. My leaset favorite female character was Shannon.
  • My favorite male character was Sayid, but sometimes it was Sawyer depending on his snippy remarks and nicknames for everyone.
  • My least favorite male character was Micheal.
  • My favorite season was season one because that is the season that sucked me in. I can't really pick a favorite episode because there were 120, and I can't remember what happened in each episode.

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