The Summer Is Offically Over For Some Of Us

The summer has come to an end for the Larochelles. Damien is back to school as of August 29, and I must say, this is early for back to school . He is in fifth grade and that means this is his last year at the school he attends now (the school is k-5). We are all very excited for this upcoming year cause we know there are lots of awesome things to look forward to. My goal for Damien this year is to become comfortable with reading. Right now, Damien is not thrilled about reading and I've been trying to change this for a while now. Last year, it was a challenge getting him to read every night and that is some of the reason I got rid of cable. I thought if there were minimal distractions for everyone it would be easier to read more. I have been trying to set an example for Damien to follow, and I am not sure if this has worked or not (getting lost in Lost doesn't help anyone). The suggestion/goal for the summer was to read 10 books, and I that didn't happen. It is known that children that read over summer vacation retain what they learn the year prior. Anyway, we are going into this year with courage,high hopes, positive thoughts, and lots of encouragement! Wish us luck!

The reality of "it's a school night" is setting in.
I am not sure what kind of face this is!?! Probably a "I dont want summer to be over" face.
Damien, looking sharp on his first day of school.

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