Fryeburg Fair 2012

I cannot explain how much I look forward to the Fryeburg Fair every year. I live for this fair. This year's trip was the first trip to the fair for Amar'e. Damien has been a handful of times so this is nothing new for him, although he enjoys it just as much as me. This year there was an extra special treat because we got to see Jo-Dee Messina in concert. For those of you who don't know, we are big country music fans. This concert was included in the admission we paid to get into the fair. This was just plain awesome through and through....

Horse pull. These horses are amazingly strong. You would have to be strong to pull this:

Waiting for Damien's pizza. Damien is not vegan, although when he is home he does eat vegan.
Jo-Dee Messina. Great show. Its been a while since I've seen a live show and I really enjoyed it. Amar'e and I danced the entire time.

The fair took a lot out of these two for sure. Sleep tight my sweets.
Looking forward to the 2013 Fryeburg fair!

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