The Universe Delivered

Last weekend my family attended a wonderful little girl's fifth birthday party. It was awesome for both Damien and Amar'e. Damien got to shoot some hoops because the party was held at a recreation center. Amar'e got to interact with other children, which is a rare occurrence for her. We don't know many people that have children her age and are able to get plan a play date. It is one of my goals to change this and either rekindle an old connection or make a new one for the sake of my sanity, and for Amare's social skills. But this party brought more than just a afternoon of fun. Recently, Andrew and I came to the conclusion that Amar'e was ready for a toddler bed. Now, don't let this fool you, she has been co-sleeping since birth but the thought is if she had her own little bed she might rather sleep there. So the search was on. I cruised Craigs List, I looked on Facebook's free-cycle, and I put it out there via word of mouth as well. I knew I wanted it to be wood and not plastic, and I also knew that if I could help it, I didn't want pink, and second hand would be the ideal. A few weeks went by and nothing really happened. I shot out a few emails on CL and no answer. Does anyone ever respond to their email on CL? I have never recived a response from any email I have ever sent out on CL. Hhhhmmmm.....Anyway, I knew that the toddler bed would happen soon but I would have never guessed it would have arrived at the birthday party. The conversation went something like this:

Gifter: "I was scanning the room and saw that you have the youngest child here. Do you need a toddler bed?"
Me: "Are you kidding?! We are looking for one!"
Gifter: "Ya, our little boy isnt using it anymore and we would love to give it to you for your little one. Someone gave it to us and maybe when you are done with it you can pass it on too."
Me: "Yes for sure. I will absolutely take it! Wait, is it wood?"
Gifter: "Yes, its a beautiful dark finish"
Me: "YES! YES!YES!" Should I pick it up after the party?"
Gifter: "Where do you live, we have to go out anyways and we can drop it off to you. I will be so happy to just get it off my porch. This is exciting for me to because I get my porch back!"
Me: "Thank you so much, I live......."

The universe delivered and I am extremely grateful for this. I plan on passing it on when Amar'e is done with it to keep this good karma going (unless there is another little one that comes along to use it after she is too big for it).

To the gifters: I want you to know that we are extremely greatful for this wonderful gift you gave us! We couldn't be more thankful! xoxo

Thank you universe!

♥ Desiree
Amar'e, birthday girl Kennah daughter of Kliff, and a little bit of Damien. All the picture of Damien came out blurry because he wouldn't stop moving.

Finding a quiet place to nurse.

All of the happenings above resulted in this (toddler bed). Amar'e is so excited!

 Wild hair on a wild child.



  1. Desiree I love reading your blog and seeing what you all are up to!! I get teary eyed every time I do wishing we could be closer. Miss you guys so much! xoxo and btw you are doing a fantastic job with your little family...i'm so proud of you!!!

    1. Auntie! I am glad you enjoy the blog. I wish we could be closer too! We miss you guys so much! I know that one day we will be closer for sure!! Thanks so much!xoxo


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