The Outcome of Simply Asking

This post should of went up a while back but you know, life happens. This second trip to Santa's Village was made possible by simply asking. When we went to Santa's Village the first time (which you can view here) we ended up getting rained out and not being able to do everything that we had planned on doing. We waited out the strong downpour and proceeded to the exit. After making our way throught the exit gift shop and long line of everyone else trying to do the same as us, I thought to ask for a rain check, so I went back to do so. I went to the entrance people and they instructed me to go the exit people in the gift shop. This took about 10-15 minutes to do because I had to fight through the flood of people and their children rushing to leave for the same reason we were. When I finally got through and found someone to ask I was informed that I didn't make it in time, that we need to be in the park for four hours or less. I thanked her, turned around in disappointment and left. We had missed being able to get a rain check by twenty minutes. This was so disappointing. While we were driving home I was thinking about it. If we didn't wait out the downpour, asked when we left the first time, and not have left and then gone back to ask, we would had been issued a rain check to come back on a nicer day. Two days went by and I called Santa's Village on a mission to have someone hear out my request. I ended up writing a letter and sending in the tickets, which were time stamped, to have someone review the situation. 14 days later a "Rein Check" arrived in the mail. I did it! I asked for something and I got it. Wow! Now we could go back to Santa's Village and have another great day out! How exciting and rewarding this felt. This visit was much different than the first one because it was 1.cooler outside 2. much less crowded, and over all much more enjoyable. This is what that looked like:
Damien totally photo bombed this picture. 

 These were taken at the top of the ferris wheel, which I had to brave alone. Yikes!
 Cookie decorating.
 taste testing.

Making friends.



  1. There is a contest on the website to send in your favorite picture taken at santas village and you can win free passes for next year! Just thought Id let you know :) looks like you had a fabulous time with your beautiful family <3 love and miss you guys. xoxo Ry & Stac

    1. Thanks for letting me know girl! I am gonna check it out for sure! love and miss you guys too! xoxo


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