For those of you who know me personally, you already know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I am not sure how or when this came about. Maybe its because it's the one day a year that its socially tolerated  to be something you are not. Its actually encouraged. The sad part for me is that I haven't dressed up in years. The last time I dressed up was when we would go to Salem, Massachusetts and raise hell down there for a few days and nights. But now I am too busy baking something, decorating, and trick-or-treating that I don't have the time, or creative energy, to put towards getting into costume. It would be a different story if I were attending a Halloween costume party. You can bet that I would go all out for something like that. For now, I will be going out as mother of Damien and Amar'e.

This year we spent a lot of time visiting family and less time knocking on doors. We were suppose to go to a sweet spot in Gorham so Damien could meet up with his buddies, but we took too long visiting and Amar'e fell asleep. So that put a damper on that. Another sad aspect of this year's Halloween was that we didn't have enough time to carve our last two pumpkins. This was heartbreaking to me. I don't know where the time went. I even took the day before and Halloween off from work to get everything done. Oh well, Andrew is off this weekend and we are going to have a family pumpkin carving party similar to this one here.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Amar'e in her Halloween costume take 1.
Look at that face. Riding her gifted trike.
Damien's Halloween parade at school. He is the one in the Scream costume.
Amar'e in her costume take 2. Its funny because she has never had candy until....
this happened. Amar'e had her first piece of candy. It was a mini Twix without the caramel. Not vegan I know.
The three of us.
Halloween treats from Mems and Peps.
Fighting over a walker?
Amar'e and her Memere.
Amar'e and her Pepere.

And just to think that this was the year we relaxed a bit on going door to door, and he still came home with this.


  1. Australia does not really celebrate Halloween, but I love the idea of dress ups and being able to be someone that you are not


    1. I never knew that Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween. Interesting....I love the idea too! :)


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