We are now on Top Baby Blogs!

I've been waiting since July to join Top Baby Blogs, and upon checking my email this morning I found out that this little blog of mine has been approved! I am so excited! The only catch is that we need 1-3 votes daily to stay listed. I am going to need your help with this. If you're stopping in to simply see what's going on in our lives, or checking this blog for updates daily, please click the Top Baby Blogs icon under the blog archives, and click the owl on the left to vote. Super simple! This will also help us get more views and possibly get this blog to the next level. Thanks so much everyone! We truly appreciate it soo much! Happy voting!

This little face thanks you for voting as much as you can for us on Top Baby Blogs!

**This message has been approved by Desiree Larochelle for president. (Kidding) ♥

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