This is what we have been up to lately:

Damien learning life skills: Dishes.

This face.
And, this face.
Christmas spirit.

 Still at it.

 Andrew doing the books for Damien's Basketball game.(Andrew is sitting at the table in the hat)

Trying to keep Amar'e busy during D's game. Not an easy task. In fact, I don't even get to see most of the game because I am trying to make sure Amar'e stays off the court and out of the boys bathroom. I usually break a sweat doing this.
 Is that Daddy or Daddy's twin, Uncle Ryan????

 Sibling love.

Sibling love.

Sibling love.

Putting up Grandma and Papa's tree.

Having fun putting up another tree. 

 Grandma was nice enough to hook up a veggie platter! Thanks Grandma!!

 Late night jam session. Love these!

 Finally tackling Amare's playpen full of clean clothes so she could.....

do this again.
 Sunday morning breakfast with family.

Me, playing with my camera settings.

I hoped you enjoyed what we have been up to lately. I know it was a picture overload, but I love taking pictures! Hopefully, I can get paid to take pictures one day.

What have you been up to lately. Please do share!


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  1. You should tell Damien that one of the boring old ladies who reads your blog wishes she had his hair!

    I love that yellow sweater Amar'e is wearing in some of these pictures. Do you recall where you got it for her? Or what brand it is?

    1. OMG! You crack me up Sandra! I will be sure to tell him but, I'm gonna say "one of the cool vegan ladies that read my blog";)Hehe.

      That sweater came from the whole bunch of clothes that Amare's Aunt Kim gave to us (her girls outgrew them). I just recently posted about it because we were overjoyed by the great surprise. I believe it is a item from Children's Place. I think it is super awesome too!

  2. Some time after I started reading your blog and loving your daughter's face, my son began doing the same face!!! How weird is that? I love it though.

    Seems like you're having fun lately!

    1. That is awesome! Please post a picture of that if you can. I would love to see you little handsome man make the Amar'e face! Sooo cute! ♥


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