Book Review: "Bringing Up Bebe"

I am very happy to announce that I completed the book I started in July. When I started the book I didn't realize that it would take me six months to finish reading it. Let me just say that I liked LOVED it. It was written by an American woman, Pamela Druckerman, who is raising three children in Paris, France. The main focus is discovering/defining french parenting wisdom versus American parenting style, and her journey to raise her children as the French do. The french parent their children a whole lot different than Americans do. They look at raising children from a different angle. They are big on autonomy and think that children learn through experiences, and are less concerned  about how to fast track learning for their children. The french believe children should not be excessively pushed to the next level of development, but will get there at their own pace. They set boundaries and encourage freedom within those boundaries. They teach infants to sleep and don't have to chase them at the park. It was interesting reading about her experiences with speaking to different french parents about different aspects of parenting, and observing french children and how they interact with the world around them.  Well written, good humor, and will help you become familiar with some french terms. Who could ask for more than that? I gained so many good tips on parenting in general from her. I am highly recommending it to anyone.

What are you reading? I am now looking for a new read for myself. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to most everything, except fiction.

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