Library Time Holiday Edition Plus A Snow Day

Hello! I wanted to share with you the library books Amar'e and I picked out during the holidays. We picked fewer than we usually do because I knew we would be busy and probably wouldn't get to read as much as we usually do. Here are our holiday choices:

This is what Northern Newhampshire looks like as of December 27th (and it's still coming down)....YUCK!

 I hate the snow....I hate the cold. Did I mention that the snow blower decided to break down today? That is number two in our not so good luck streak. If number three doesn't come before my Florida trip in January...I may think twice about getting on the plane ;)    (Totally kidding Auntie!!!)

What have you been reading lately? I actually started the 50 Shade Of Grey Trilogy. It was a stocking stuffer. Totally unexpected.  I am six pages in and it's pretty good so far!

Stay warm and safe out there my friends!

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  1. It's been like that here in Utah too, won't stop snowing. I read the first 50 Shades of Grey book and started the 2nd. I wasn't very interested so I haven't finished. I've been reading The Grapes of Wrath. I need to finish by Jan. 26 because that's when it's due back to the library. Good luck with the cold.

    1. Thanks for the luck...we are gonna need it! :) Sorry to hear you have to deal with the snow too! The Grapes of Wrath sounds interesting! The last book I had out from the library I had to keep renewing to finish it...it took me six month! Thanks for sharing! Stay warm!

  2. You don't like the snow? I love it! Of course my favourite weather is hot summer weather, but I also love the snow. We barely see it here in Athens,Greece and when we see it, it has nothing in common with all that amount of snow you guys have! I've been reading two books lately. The one is "Eating animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer and the other one is "Seven times the sun" by Shea Darian and I love them both!

    1. Maybe I would like it a little if I knew it wasn't going be around for 4-5 months out of the year...it's dreadful when that's the case. Also, I've lived in northern NH my entire life, and I have never skied, snowboarded, snow-shoed, or have been on a snowmachine. Maybe if I did some type of snow activity I may look forward to the snow season....but Id rather go to the beach! heheh :)

      The books you are reading sound really interesting! I'll be checking them out for sure!

  3. I found you through a comment you left on Vegan Mother Hubbard. I just wanted to say hello because I live in Southern New Hampshire. Our snow blower broke too and so did our friends', must be a rebellion ;-)

    1. Hello Miriam!! I am sorry to hear you (and your friend) are victim(s) of this horrible snow blower rebellion too! Hahaha...Kind of seems like a cruel act of terrorism to me :)

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello!


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